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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company                Amount

Rockwell Collins       $16 million
DRS Technologies       $3 million
Raytheon               Undisclosed
Flir Systems           $3.5 million
Northrop Grumman       $171 million
Rockwell Collins       $225 million
Northrop Grumman       $106.9 million
BAE System             $9.5 million
Northrop Grumman       $49 million
CAE and CBD Training   C$28 million
Rohde & Schwarz        26 million [euro]
Raytheon               $50.6 million
Thales                 $400 million
BAE Systems            $58 million
Ultra Electronics      51 million [pounds sterling]

Company                Event

Rockwell Collins       Colour LCDs for 80 RCAF and 71 RAAF F/A-18s
DRS Technologies       Secure voice and data communications subsystems
Raytheon               8 SeaVue maritime surveillance radars and
Flir Systems           Star Safire II airborne thermal imager for
Northrop Grumman       Advance procurement long-lead time materials
                         for LPD21
Rockwell Collins       Displays for the US Army's 1,200 Black Hawks
Northrop Grumman       Increment to previous $221.8 million for the
                         16th Jstars
BAE System             Onboard US Air Force AEHF satcom computers
Northrop Grumman       Precision Guided Munitions Planning Software
CAE and CBD Training   Aircrew training and courseware development
Rohde & Schwarz        Tiger and NH90 M3AR airborne transceivers
Raytheon               Additional 142 Amraams
Thales                 9 Amascos-based maritime patrol/surveillance
                         systems for CN 235
BAE Systems            42 ALR-56C(V)1 radar warning receivers for
                         Korean F-15Ks
Ultra Electronics      16 SSTD incoming torpedo detector

Company                          From Whom

Rockwell Collins          Northrop Grumman
DRS Technologies                        L3
Raytheon                         Eads/Casa
Flir Systems           Modern Techn. Corp.
Northrop Grumman                   US Navy
Rockwell Collins                  Sikorsky
Northrop Grumman              US Air Force
BAE System                 Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman              US Air Force
CAE and CBD Training          US Air Force
Rohde & Schwarz        German Armed Forces
Raytheon                      US Air Force
Thales                              Turkey
BAE Systems                         Boeing
Ultra Electronics              British MoD
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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