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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company            Amount                          Event

General            $ 9 million           Provide NSA-approved
  Dynamics C4S                             encryption module
                                           for satcom
Raytheon           Undisclosed           Implemented Presidio
                                           Automated Test Line
                                           for SM2
Harris             $ 77 million          Produce multi-band
                                           satcom terminals
Data Link          $ 18.7 million        Provide Mids LVT-2/11
  Solutions                                and LVT-1 terminals
Marshall           Not applicable        Partnering on shelter
  Spec. Vehicles                           marketing and sales
Northrop Grumman   Not applicable        Litef, navigation
                                           subsidiary, changes
                                           name to:
Qinetiq            24 million            Provide ten-year Harrier
                     [pounds sterling]     aircraft through-
                                           life support
Rheinmetall        Undisclosed           Partner to provide
                                           German Air Force
                                           active long-range radar
Raytheon           $ 62 million          Provide 18 Atflir
                                           targeting pods for
                                           F/A-18 Block II+
Rockwell Collins   $ 41.9 million        Replace ageing data at
                                           US, systems major
                                           military ranges
Lockheed Martin    $10 million           Produce Multi-function
                                           Towed Arrays for
Chemring           $ 70 million          Acquired Florida-based
Rheinmetall        51 million [euro]     Supply 81-mm mortar
Rockwell Collins   $ 5.5 million         Awarded 6th phase of
                                           MCT upgrade programme
Flir Systems       $ 23.1 million        Deliver Talon systems
                                           for HH-60 & HH-65 helos
BVR Systems        $ 4.95 million        Provide trainer aircraft
                                           full-mission simulator
Northrop Grumman   $ 240 million         Provide mobile command
                                           posts under TMSS
Rohde & Schwarz    Undisclosed           Provide M3AR VHF/UHF
                                           transceivers for
                                           Tornado upgrade
CAE                C$ 24 million         Design two Hawk 128
Eads Defence       11.5 million [euro]   Carry out Harrier
  & Security                               AV-8B modernisation
Flir Systems       Undisclosed           Deliver 12 THV2000 long-
                                           range imaging sensor
Raytheon           Undisclosed           Provide 1 Atflir targeting
                                           pod for F/A-18C
Company            From Whom

  Dynamics C4S     US Air Force
Raytheon           US Navy
Harris             US Navy
Data Link
  Solutions        US Navy
  Spec. Vehicles   Camp Supply (CSI)
Northrop Grumman   Northrop Grumman Litef
Qinetiq            UK MoD
Rheinmetall        BAE Systems
Raytheon           US Navy
Rockwell Collins   US Air Force
Lockheed Martin    US Navy
Chemring           Martin Electronics
Rheinmetall        Royal Dutch Armed Forces
Rockwell Collins   UK Army Aviation
Flir Systems       US Coast Guard
BVR Systems        Int'l customer
Northrop Grumman   US Army
Rohde & Schwarz    UK MoD
CAE                Lockheed Martin
Eads Defence
  & Security       Spanish Navy
Flir Systems       Malaysian MoD
Raytheon           Switzerland
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Aug 1, 2008
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