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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company               Amount

Lockheed Martin       $ 413 million
Air Tanker            $13 billion
Eads                  Not applicable
Saab                  R 316 million
Raytheon              [pounds sterling] 670 million
Galileo Avionica      Undisclosed
AMS                   [pounds sterling] 59 million
Saab                  SEK 620 million
US Air Force          $ 85 million
Kongsberg             NOK 145 million
BAE Systems           [pounds sterling] 17 million
Boeing                Not applicable
Rohde & Schwarz       [euro] 100 million
CMD Solutions         Not applicable
Northrop Grumman      $142 million
Boeing                Not applicable
Northrop Grumman      $ 9.7 million
CAE                   $ 34 million
Lockheed Martin       $ 100 million
General Atomics       $ 46 million
Aviation Technology   Not applicable
AMS                   [pounds sterling] 17 million

Company               Event                          From Whom

Lockheed Martin       Completed design review        US Navy
                        for Advanced Hawkeye radar
Air Tanker            Selected as preferred bidder   Royal Air Force
                        for Future Strategic
Eads                  Delivered 100th Eurofighter    Eads-Casa
                        fuselage centre section
Saab                  Acquired majority of company   Grintek
                        shares (70 per cent)
Raytheon              To supply 25 AN/PAS/13         Royal Navy
                        thermal imaging sights
Galileo Avionica      Provide SPN-720 precision      Royal Navy
                        approach radars
AMS                   Support T996 surveillance      Royal Navy
Saab                  Supply Utaas fire control      Dutch Army
                        system for CV9035
US Air Force          With Boeing modify C-130       FMV
                        Hercules aircraft
Kongsberg             Supply weapons control         Patria Vehicles
                        systems for Finnish APCs
BAE Systems           Supply 105 Improved            UK MoD
                        Ammunition for L118 gun
Boeing                Signed airborne early          BAE Systems AU
                        warning teaming agreement
Rohde & Schwarz       Modernise the nation's         UAE
                        communication systems
CMD Solutions         Signs on as authorised         Lockheed Martin
                        distributor of Aerotext
Northrop Grumman      Systems support of airborne    US Missile Defence
                        Laser missile programme
Boeing                Rolled out first KC-767        Italian Air Force
Northrop Grumman      Supply inertial navigation     Canadian Navy
                        systems for submarines
CAE                   uprade two P-3C flight         US Navy
Lockheed Martin       Manufacture Mk 30 mod 2        US Navy
                        ASW target system
General Atomics       Create superconducting de      US Navy
                        homopolar ship propulsion
Aviation Technology   Signed MoU for international   Lockheed Martin
                        industrial co-operation
AMS                   Begin production of SWMLU      Royal Navy
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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