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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company              Amount

Raytheon             $ 16.6 million
Northrop Grumman     $ 1.5 million
Thales Nederland     Undisclosed
L-3 Communications   C$ 328 million
KVH                  $ 1.2 million
Fats                 $ 1.2 million
Laser-Scan           Not applicable
Thales               Undisclosed
Northrop Grumman     Not applicable
Harris               Undisclosed
Oerlikon Contraves   Undisclosed
Northrop Grumman     $ 80 million
Patria               Not applicable
NavCom               Undisclosed
Lockheed Martin      Not applicable
Atlantis Systems     Undisclosed
ITT Industries       $ 40 million
Harris               $ 2.6 million
Lockheed Martin      $ 4.3 billion
Harris               Not applicable
Smiths Detection     Undisclosed
Raytheon             Not applicable

Big Deals in Short

Company              Event

Raytheon             Repair F/A-18 AN/APG-65 radar
Northrop Grumman     Supply ring-laser gyro INS for two Protectuer
                     class ships
Thales Nederland     Perform maintenance on Smart-S Mk 2 radars
L-3 Communications   Acquire Marine Controls unit
KVH                  Supply high-performance fibre-optic gyro systems
Fats                 Upgrade existing/deliver new infantry training
Laser-Scan           Announced partnership for integrated network
Thales               Provide wide range of products for Indonesian
Northrop Grumman     Signed marketing agreement for Splice middleware
Harris               Provide primary spot-beam communications antennas
Oerlikon Contraves   Installation of Millennium 35 mm Ahead naval gun
Northrop Grumman     Aviation maintenance training contract
Patria               Formed new company--Engine Service Partners
NavCom               Provide GPS receivers for survey applications
Lockheed Martin      Rolled-out first F-22 Raptor for operational
Atlantis Systems     Update Canadian C-130 flight training equipment
ITT Industries       Supply night vision goggles by July 2007
Harris               Provide standardisation to ESS security
Lockheed Martin      Delivered first KC-130 Super Hercules
Harris               Received first CESG certification for Bowman
                     HF radio
Smiths Detection     Supply 150 Gid-M chemical agent detectors
Raytheon             Delivered 250,000th Paveway laser-guided bomb

Big Deals in Short

Company                        From Whom

Raytheon                         US Navy
Northrop Grumman                  Canada
Thales Nederland             Danish Navy
L-3 Communications                   CAE
KVH                      Multiple orders
Fats                             Belgium
Laser-Scan                          Exor
Thales                     Royal Schelde
Northrop Grumman        Thales Nederland
Harris                            Boeing
Oerlikon Contraves               Denmark
Northrop Grumman                Sikorsky
Patria                      GSE Partners
NavCom                           GPSWest
Lockheed Martin             US Air Force
Atlantis Systems        Rockwell Collins
ITT Industries              US Air Force
Harris                      US Air Force
Lockheed Martin      US Air Force/Marines
Harris                    United Kingdom
Smiths Detection        Netherlands Navy
Raytheon               Various customers
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Armada International
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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