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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company                  Amount

General Dynamics         $30 million
Northrop Grumman         $9 billion
Patria                   30 million [euro]
Northrop Grumman         $197 million
Atlas Elektronik         Undisclosed
Rolls-Royce              Undisclosed
AMS                      Undisclosed
Boeing                   $4.9 billion
Raytheon                 $4.3 million
Harris                   $2.1 million
Tadiran Communications   $10.5 million
Northrop Grumman         Undisclosed
Saab Bofors UW Sys.      Not applicable
BAE Systems              $45 million
KVH                      $1.25 million
BAE Systems              $30 million
Harris                   Undisclosed
BAE Systems              Undisclosed
Sectra                   Undisclosed
Raytheon                 $23 million
CAE                      C$9 million
Sperry Marine            $13.3 million

Company                  Event

General Dynamics         Develop Air Warrior Block 3 systems
Northrop Grumman         Part of team to provide network-centric
Patria                   Manufacture 150 NH90 helicopter rear fuselages
Northrop Grumman         Maintenance and modernisation of USS
                           Enterprise (CVN 65)
Atlas Elektronik         Delivery of first batch DM2 A4 heavyweight
Rolls-Royce              Extended service support contract for RB199
AMS                      Supplied combat mgmt sys. For Type 22 frigate
                           Regele Ferdinand
Boeing                   Provide sustainment services for C-17 fleet
Raytheon                 Develop Joint Environmental Toolkit programme
Harris                   First equipment shipment for Flight 1 T-ake HF
Tadiran Communications   Supply communication equipment and parts
Northrop Grumman         Given green light to bond laser materials
Saab Bofors UW Sys.      Termination of torpedo project begun in 1999
BAE Systems              Develop & test commercial aircraft manpads
KVH                      Provide tactical navigation and fibre-optic
BAE Systems              Upgrade A-10 flight/fire control systems &
Harris                   Joins AMF JTRS programme team
BAE Systems              Develop alternate F-35 helmet-mounted display
Sectra                   Deliver nationally-adapted Tiger XS comm.
Raytheon                 Provide additional; Navy Multi-band Terminals
CAE                      Perform upgrade on Lynx helicopter flight
Sperry Marine            Supply navigation radar sets for ten

Company                  From Whom

General Dynamics         US Army
Northrop Grumman         US Air Force
Patria                   Finmeccanica
Northrop Grumman         US Navy
Atlas Elektronik         Turkey
Rolls-Royce              UK MoD
AMS                      Romania
Boeing                   US Air Force
Raytheon                 US Air Force
Harris                   US Navy
Tadiran Communications   Latin America country
Northrop Grumman         US Air Force
Saab Bofors UW Sys.      Brazilian Navy
BAE Systems              US DHS
KVH                      US/Allied militaries
BAE Systems              US Air Force
Harris                   Boeing
BAE Systems              Lockheed Martin
Sectra                   Netherlands Navy
Raytheon                 US Navy
CAE                      Netherlands Navy
Sperry Marine            US Navy
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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