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Big deals in short. (News).

Big Deals in Short

Company               Amount              Event

Harris                Not applicable      Contract extension
                                            to validate JTRS
Denel                 Not applicable      Missile test range
                                            chosen for flight
Oerlikon Aerospace    Not applicable      Adopts new name and
Saab                  SEK 500 billion     JAS 39 Gripen
                                            integration system
ADI                   $2 million          Refurbish small
                                            arms firing range
                                            in Canberra
Raytheon              $11.2 million       Provide more Tactical
                                            Control System work
Lockheed Martin       Nut applicable      TPS-117 designation
                                            changed to AN/TPS-117
Patria                Undisclosed         Signed NH90 programme
                                            assembly contracts
Rockwell Collins      Not applicable      Validated JTRS Link
                                            16 functionality
Unidynamics           Undisclosed         Signed a teaming
                                            and service agreement
Patria Hagglunds      SEK 50 million      Provide Amos turret
                                            integration on CV90
Thales                78 million [euro]   Provide almost 100
                                          Rita 2000 network
Gripen                Undisclosed         Received request
  International                             for proposal for
                                            30 fighters
Eads                  26 million [euro]   Produce advanced
                                            coastal protection
Rockwell Collins      Not applicable      Developed survey
                                            system for handheld
Radamec               Undisclosed         Delivered last of
                                            four 1500 EO tracking
                                            & FCS
Rockwell Collins      Not applicable      Demonstrated its
                                            Synthetic Vision
                                            Information System
Transas UK            Undisclosed         Supplied full mission
                                            radar/ARPA simulator

Company               From Whom

Harris                                 US DoD
Denel                                 Germany
Oerlikon Aerospace          Rheinmetall DeTec
Saab                                   Sweden
ADI                                 Australia
Raytheon                     Northrop Grumman
Lockheed Martin                  US Air Force
Patria                                Finland
Rockwell Collins                       US DoD
Unidynamics           Pacific Defense Systems
Patria Hagglunds                       Sweden
Thales                            French Army
Gripen                                Austria
Eads                                  Estonia
Rockwell Collins                     Military
Radamec                   Irish Naval Service
Rockwell Collins                         Nasa
Transas UK                             Greece
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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Big Deals in Short.
Big Deals in Short.
Big Deals in Short. (News).
Big deals in short.
Big deals in short.
Big deals in short. (News).
Big deals in short.
Big deals in short. (News).
Big deals in short. (News).
Big deals in short. (News).

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