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Big deals in short. (News).

Big Deals in Short

Company              Amount

Concurrent Computer  $1.2 million
Raytheon             Undisclosed
Sypris Electronics   $6.2 million
BAE Systems          $27 million
Kalmar               $50 million
Raytheon             Undisclosed
Rockwell Collins     Undisclosed
Denel LIW            Not Applicable
Eads                 Not Applicable
VT Controls          Undisclosed
Giat/Thales          Undisclosed
Philips Aerospace    Undisclosed
Rockwell Collins     $59.9 million
Raytheon             $169.9 million
Boeing               Not Applicable
Lockheed Martin      $4 billion
Northrop Grumman     Not Applicable
Thales Group         Not Applicable

Company              Event

Concurrent Computer  Deliver 3200-2000 processors for C-130 training
Raytheon             Offered to complete in Jetts programme
Sypris Electronics   Design next-gen crypto secure data transfer device
BAE Systems          Purchase US intelligence info processing company
Kalmar               Deliver 93 Rough Terrain Container Handlers
Raytheon             Supply IFF systems for new Astute subs
Rockwell Collins     Delivered first ARU HIDSS for Comanche
Denel LIW            Launched 52-calibre G6 SPG--the G6-52
Eads                 Signed MoU covering avionics solutions
VT Controls          Had its VTAS selected for Evropi mine vessels
Giat/Thales          Produce system architecture evaluation tool SIM-EC3
Philips Aerospace    Supply fan cases for JSF's F136 engine
Rockwell Collins     Develop HMD for Land Warrior Stryker
Raytheon             Provide additional T-36A Texan II aircraft
Boeing               Completed ground and flight objectives with
                      UCAV X-45A
Lockheed Martin      Multi-year acquisition of C-130J aircraft
Northrop Grumman     Completed first tests with Sacs drone delivery
Thales Group         Received award for safeguarding company

Company                              From Whom

Concurrent Computer                  Air Force
Raytheon                               Britain
Sypris Electronics                    US Govt.
BAE Systems               Advanced Power Tech.
Kalmar                                 US Army
Raytheon                           Eads DS & E
Rockwell Collins                       US Army
Denel LIW                              At Idex
Eads                          Rockwell Collins
VT Controls                      Hellenic Navy
Giat/Thales                         French DGA
Philips Aerospace                  Rolls-Royce
Rockwell Collins                       US Army
Raytheon                          US Air Force
Boeing                                   Darpa
Lockheed Martin      US Air Force/Marine Corps
Northrop Grumman                       US Navy
Thales Group                              Geos
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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