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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company               Amount               Event             From Whom

Sodena            Undisclosed       Completed              French Navy
                                    navigation on
                                    130 ships

Ametek            $2.4 million      Develop                     US DHS
                                    portable radiation
                                    detection system

Textron           $325 million      Agreed to acquire        Overwatch
                                    core business and          Systems

Rosoboronexport   Not applicable    To co-operate on               DCN
                                    surface warship/

Harris            Undisclosed       Provide AN/                US Navy
                                    WSC-6E(V)9 satcom
                                    terminals for LCS

Qinetiq           Not applicable    Supply two remote       Royal Navy
                                    controlled fast
                                    inshore attack

Argon ST          $9.9 million      Provide engineer           US Navy
                                    support services
                                    for C4ISR systems

Boeing            Not applicable    Resumed test                 Darpa
                                    flights with
                                    A160 Hummingbird

Raytheon          $4.1 million      Demonstrate                 US DHS
                                    Vigilant Eagle
                                    in civilian

Qinetiq           $7.7 million      Deliver SAS sonar         Bluefin
                                    for Bluefin-12            Robotics
                                    underwater drones

Tadiran           $18 million       Supply                    African
Communications                      communication              country

Barco             Undisclosed       Deliver vetronics           Thales
                                    displays for
                                    Belgian Pandur

Danish Aerotech   DKK 200 million   Supply mechanical             Saab
                                    and electrical
                                    parts for Gripen

ITT               $545 million      Provide spectrum          US DIS A
                                    engineering support

ST Kinetics       Not applicable    Agree to setup        BF Utilities
                                    defence company
                                    in India

Textron Systems   Undisclosed       Completed sale of         Turkish
                                    Sensor Fuzed Weapon      Air Force

BAE Systems       $3.3 million      Produce ALQ-131 and   US Air Force
                                    -184 electronic
                                    attack pods

Savi Technology   Not applicable    RFID products                China
                                    approved for
                                    country-wide use

Swedish FMV       Undisclosed       Signed contracts             Italy
                                    to develop

Lockheed Martin   $10 million       Completed             US Air Force
                                    requirements review
                                    for next-gen GPS

Rockwell          Undisclosed       Selected to lead             Darpa
Collins                             advanced radio

National          Undisclosed       Provide compliance       Microchip
Technical Sys.                      testing to the
                                    ZigBee wireless
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Armada International
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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