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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company         Amount            Event                      From Whom

ITT Avionics    $42 million       Produce Special              US Army
                                  Ops helicopter EW

Lockheed        Not applicable    Signed agreement to         US Joint
Martin                            partner on future         Forces Cmd

Saab            Not applicable    Created new company:    Tieto Enator
                                  Tietosaab Systems

Raytheon        $8.6 million      Provide APS-134LW              Japan
                                  radar for SAR

Eads            Not applicable    Given <<Go-ahead>> to     German Air
                                  deliver Taurus KEPD            Force
                                  350 missiles

Ruag            Not applicable    Acquire assets of            C.O.E.L
                                  German specialist
                                  laser company

Specialised     Undisclosed       Supply six Sir2              QinetiQ
Imaging                           high-speed cameras
                                  as replacements

Raytheon        $5.4 million      Reduce cost of               US Army
                                  fratricide avoidance

Lockheed        $2.9 billion      Continue production     US Air Force
Martin                            of F/A-22 through
                                  November 2007

Northrop        $8 million        Provide integrated         US Marine
Grumman                           scrurity solutions             Corps
                                  in SW Asia

LFK             Not applicable    Joins trans-Atlantic          Boeing
                                  <<Alliance Shield>>
                                  team for Nato TMD

Forecast        $13 billion       Predicts value of          Worldwide
International                     UAV market by 2014

Ultra           $3 million        Provide Hippag              Sargeant
Electronics                       compressor for              Fletcher
                                  Small Dia. Bomb

Blackhawk       Not applicable    Created Blackhawk          Blackhawk
Products                          Blades division                Group
                                  of MOD

Sectra          SEK 12 million    Series deliveries of      Sweden FMV
                                  new-gen encrypting

Saab            $65 million       Deliver ultra            US military
                                  lightweight camoflage
                                  net systems

Pentek          Not applicable    Released SCA software           JTRS
                                  radio development          programme

Hunter          Undisclosed       Completed acquisition   PowerSystems
Defense                           of power system                Intl.

Lockheed        $35.3 million     Delivered first               UK MoD
Martin                            joint asset mgmt and
                                  engineering solution

Saab            SEK 260 million   Upgrade existing Ak5     Swedish FMV
                                  assault rifle

Harris          $18 million       Provide Jdam anti-jam         Boeing
                                  GPS electronics

Sparta          Undisclosed       Provide launch/             Raytheon
Composites                        shipping container
                                  for NLos-LS Pam
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Armada International
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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