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Big data hiring levels in apparel industry dropped in April. Data Journalism Team May 17, 2022 284
‘Big data’ in beverages – Recruitment levels in Apr 2022 – data. Data Journalism Team May 17, 2022 267
'Pakistan needs to be aware of how big data can help national security'. May 14, 2022 467
HBKU college initiates Arabic Big Data and AI workshop. May 13, 2022 394
College of Humanities and Social Sciences of HBKU hosts Arabic big data and AI workshop. May 13, 2022 428
Forum to focus on $215bn analytics biz. May 12, 2022 667
Accessibility of Rehabilitation Facility: Evaluation Based on Spatial Big Data in Xiamen. Qiu, Tingting; Zhou, Daliang; Wang, Jie; Lingamuthu, Velmurugan May 7, 2022 6420
Research on the Design of Assistant Basketball Teaching System Based on Big Data. Wang, Lin; Wei, Xiaoyun; Yuan, Guoliang May 6, 2022 8342
Legal Modeling Approach of Big Data Transaction Management in the Perspective of Digital Economy. Wang, Yi; Guan, Yuan May 5, 2022 5956
Health Promotion Effects of Sports Training Based on HMM Theory and Big Data. Song, Haiyan; Ma, Yao; Chen, Hongwei May 5, 2022 5324
Research on Solving Postdisaster Material Distribution and Scheduling with Improved NSGA-II Algorithm. Huo, Li; Wang, Jiayu May 5, 2022 7010
Visual Analysis of E-Commerce User Behavior Based on Log Mining. Wang, Tingzhong; Li, Nanjie; Wang, Hailong; Xian, Junhong; Guo, Jiayi May 5, 2022 11917
Key Technology of Internet of Things Middleware and Computer Event Matching Algorithm. Li, Laicun; Bai, Rulin May 5, 2022 5030
Design and Implementation of Interactive Platform for Operation and Maintenance of Multimedia Information System Based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Yan, Xin; Yan, Junhui May 4, 2022 6027
Research on the Construction of Accounting Informatics System and Risk Assessment Method in Big Data's Era. Wang, Yining; Wang, Tian; Zhao, Rui; Lun, Xi May 4, 2022 6152
Landscape Planning and Management Methods of Beautiful Rural Pastoral Complexes under the Background of Big Data. Wang, Shuhua; Qin, Anhua May 4, 2022 6103
What are the Responsibilities of a Hadoop Developer. May 4, 2022 887
Application of Data Mining Technology-Based Nursing Risk Management in Emergency Department Care. Han, Weiwei; Wang, Songqin; Gao, Jianhong May 2, 2022 8828
Construction of Game Model between Carbon Emission Minimization and Energy and Resource Economy Maximization Based on Deep Neural Network. Ma, Lan; Wang, Dalei May 2, 2022 6312
Discrete Event Simulation Model Performed with Data Analytcs for a Call Center Optmization. Serper, Nisan Guniz; Sen, Elif; Uslu, Banu Calis Report May 1, 2022 7531
Construction of E-Commerce Economic Management Platform Based on Data Visualization Technology. Meng, Xianglin Apr 30, 2022 6398
Construction of a Recommendation Method for Financial Insurance Products Based on Machine Learning. Wu, Bingyan; An, Xiaoqing; Sun, Wei; Chang, Xue; Su, Huadong Apr 30, 2022 4465
Python-Based Visual Classification Algorithm for Economic Text Big Data. Jiang, Yihuo; Guo, Xiaomei; Ni, Hongliang; Jiang, Wenbing Apr 30, 2022 6087
A Traffic Scheduling Method Based on SDN. Wang, Li Apr 30, 2022 3749
Quality Assessment Method of Information Model Reform of Higher Mathematics Education Based on Big Data. Li, Jiao; Xue, Jiao; Fu, Hongjuan Apr 30, 2022 4926
Apprehending the Effect of Internet of Things (IoT) Enables Big Data Processing through Multinetwork in Supporting High-Quality Food Products to Reduce Breast Cancer. Shukla, Surendra Kumar; Kumar, B. Muthu; Sinha, Divyanshu; Nemade, Varsha; Mussiraliyeva, Shynar; Su Apr 29, 2022 7800
Construction and Application of Enterprise Internal Audit Data Analysis Model Based on Decision Tree Algorithm. Si, Yuna Apr 28, 2022 7696
Internet Financial Risk Management in the Context of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Wang, Na; Wang, Kai Apr 27, 2022 3884
Optimization of Network Furniture Management System Based on Big Data. Zhang, Jiayi; Shi, Lin Report Apr 26, 2022 5729
Application of Multisource Big Data Mining Technology in Sports Economic Management Analysis. Li, Qinglan Report Apr 25, 2022 6034
Effect of Big Data Analysis-Based Remote Management Combined with Yangyin Runfei Decoction on Coagulation Function, Pulmonary Function, and Quality of Life of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients. Jin, Haihao Apr 25, 2022 4786
Big Data Fusion Method Based on Internet of Things Collection. Zhang, Tianrong; Li, Hongying; Jin, Tian; Hu, Fengjun Apr 25, 2022 4697
Packaging Big Data Visualization Based on Computational Intelligence Information Design. Zhang, Guangchao Apr 23, 2022 5853
Prediction Algorithm of Digital Economy Development Trend Based on Big Data. Xiangyan, Pan Apr 23, 2022 6893
Evaluation and Selection of Insurance Marketing Schemes Driven by Multisource Big Data. Wu, Xian; Liu, Huan Apr 22, 2022 6145
Integration and Development of Enterprise Internal Audit and Big Data Based on Data Mining Technology. Nan, Nan Apr 22, 2022 6228
Classification and Visual Design Analysis of Network Expression Based on Big Data Multimodal Intelligence Technology. Ping, Zou; Liu, Yueyan Apr 20, 2022 4970
Digital divide works vs use of big data in PHL. Apr 20, 2022 538
Responses of Urban Ecosystem Vulnerability and Restoration Assessment on Typhoon Disaster: A Case Study of Zhuhai City, China. Su, Mengyuan; Wu, Jialong; Feng, Miaoling Apr 19, 2022 6693
How to Be a Data Analyst from CSE or Non-CSE Bakgrounds? Apr 19, 2022 1128
How to Be a Data Analyst from CSE or Non-CSE Backgrounds? Apr 19, 2022 1128
The Effect of Physical Training of Athletes Based on Parametric Bayesian Estimation in the Context of Big Data. Su, Huadong; Su, Ziyi; Xia, Yuxin Report Apr 16, 2022 4924
A Big Data Analysis Algorithm Designed for the Interactive Platform of the Intelligent Sensor Information System. Xiao, Yitao; Zhang, Songlin; Shah, Mohd Asif Apr 15, 2022 4716
Construction of Economic Management Big Data Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Monitoring and Early Warning. Mao, Shuzhen Apr 14, 2022 6238
A Novel Encoder-Decoder Model for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting. Zhang, Huihui; Li, Shicheng; Chen, Yu; Dai, Jiangyan; Yi, Yugen Apr 14, 2022 9211
Research on Data Mining of Sports Wearable Intelligent Devices Based on Big Data Analysis. Zong, Xing; Zhang, Chenfei; Wu, Dengpan Apr 14, 2022 5331
The Impact of Big Data Technology on the Scale Management of China's Animation Film Industry. Wang, Kai; Li, Guojun Apr 13, 2022 8457
Intelligent Big Data Framework for the Technical Design of Public Management Applications in Sports. Qiao, Jinyu Apr 13, 2022 5740
The Planning and Construction Path of Innovative and Intelligent Park Cities Based on Big Data Technology. Hong, Tao; Li, Lulu; Wang, Bing Apr 13, 2022 9751
Enterprise Privacy Resource Optimization and Big Data Intelligent Management Strategy Oriented to the Internet of Things. Hou, Bo; Huang, Rong Apr 13, 2022 6550
Visualization Research of College Students' Career Planning Paths Integrating Deep Learning and Big Data. Guo, Jing; Qi, Lei Apr 12, 2022 6033
Method and System for Detecting and Recognizing Floating Garbage Moving Targets on Water Surface with Big Data Based on Blockchain Technology. Yang, Weihuang; Wang, Rongxia; Li, Lvsheng Apr 12, 2022 7425
Discrete Dynamic Modeling of Learner Behavior Analysis in Physical Education Teaching. Shi, Jia; Sun, Jun; Zheng, Zhonghua Apr 12, 2022 4964
Multidimensional Information Network Big Data Mining Algorithm Relying on Finite Element Analysis. Li, Haifeng Apr 11, 2022 6390
Big Data Analysis of Water Saving Standard Based on Bibliometrics. Bai, Xue; Hao, Meng; Hu, Mengting; Yang, Liu Apr 11, 2022 4602
Research on Basic Information of Enterprise Electronization under the Background of Big Data. Wang, Qihang Apr 11, 2022 7488
Multidimensional Dynamics and Forecast Models of Network Public Opinions Based on the Fusion of Smart Transportation and Big Data. Sheng, Guojun; Guan, Yi Apr 7, 2022 7560
Big data dating: youth on a quest for true love. Apr 7, 2022 1136
Prediction and Influencing Factors of College Students' Career Planning Based on Big Data Mining. Cai, Lingmei; Wang, Xin Apr 6, 2022 7054
Construction and Promotion of Reading Service Platform of University Library Based on Computer Network Cloud Platform. Xie, Na Apr 5, 2022 7084
Design of Agent-Based Embedded Family Remote Medical Monitoring System. Zhang, Haixia Apr 5, 2022 5822
ME Data Analytics Forum to focus on $215bn analytics business. Apr 5, 2022 862
Research on Subsidy Strategy of Shared Accommodation Platform under the Background of Big Data Based on Evolutionary Game. Xiao, Meng; Zhai, Chang Apr 1, 2022 12505
What does big data have to do with hematology? Johnson, Daniel Apr 1, 2022 1348
Geographic Disparities in Knowledge Production: A Big Data Analysis of Peer-Reviewed Communication Publications from 1990 to 2019. Ekdale, Brian; Rinaldi, Abby; Ashfaquzzaman, Mir; Khanjani, Mehrnaz; Matanji, Frankline; Stoldt, Rya Apr 1, 2022 8949
Big Data in Vehicular Cloud Computing: Review, Taxonomy, and Security Challenges. Alsayfi, Majed S.; Dahab, Mohamed Y.; Eassa, Fathy E.; Salama, Reda; Haridi, Seif; Ghamdi, Abdullah Apr 1, 2022 11213
Visionary cities. Mar 31, 2022 1042
A Cross-Regional Scheduling Strategy of Waste Collection and Transportation Based on an Improved Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Algorithm. Wei, Zeming; Liang, Chufeng; Tang, Hua Mar 30, 2022 11413
Research on Optimization Algorithm for Resource Allocation of Heterogeneous Car Networking Engineering Cloud System Based on Big Data. Yao, Junping Mar 29, 2022 3706
Intelligent Analysis and Evaluation Method of Athletics Running Data Based on Big Data Statistical Model. Ge, Yushan Mar 29, 2022 4525
Personalized Liver Cancer Risk Prediction Using Big Data Analytics Techniques with Image Processing Segmentation. Jain, Anurag; Nadeem, Ahmed; Majdi Altoukhi, Huda; Jamal, Sajjad Shaukat; Atiglah, Henry kwame; Elwa Mar 28, 2022 7251
A Rumor Detection Method from Social Network Based on Deep Learning in Big Data Environment. Cen, Junjie; Li, Yongbo Mar 28, 2022 5570
Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Stock Market Based on Big Data Analysis. Yang, Ping; Hou, Xiaohong Mar 28, 2022 5716
Information Analysis of Advanced Mathematics Education-Adaptive Algorithm Based on Big Data. Tan, Jiabo Mar 27, 2022 6534
Research on the Implementation of Public Physical Education under the Network Environment. Hong, Chao; Ren, Jie Mar 27, 2022 3545
Analysis Model of Spoken English Evaluation Algorithm Based on Intelligent Algorithm of Internet of Things. Xue, Nan Mar 27, 2022 4466
Application of Lightweight Deep Learning Model in Vocal Music Education in Higher Institutions. Zhu, Zhen; Xu, Zhongqiu; Liu, Jing Mar 26, 2022 7017
Online Shopping Brand Sales Based on IoT Big Data Processing. Zhang, Menglin; Ma, Xiaoyu Mar 26, 2022 9012
RFID Data Analysis and Evaluation Based on Big Data and Data Clustering. Lv, Lihua Mar 26, 2022 5808
Research on College Students' Physique Testing Platform Based on Big Data Analysis. Chu, Ting Report Mar 25, 2022 6153
Application of a Hybrid Model of Big Data and BP Network on Fault Diagnosis Strategy for Microgrid. Jiang, Chundi; Xia, Zhiliang Mar 25, 2022 5849
The Construction of Big Data Computational Intelligence System for E-Government in Cloud Computing Environment and Its Development Impact. Ma, Shengqing; Hao, Fei; Lin, Youwu; Liang, Yinjing Mar 24, 2022 5395
Construction and Research of Guqin Sound Synthesis and Plucking Big Data Simulation Model Based on Computer Synthesis Technology. Liu, MingQing Mar 24, 2022 5835
Government ensures effective policy through big data utilization: KSP. Mar 23, 2022 310
Government ensures effective policy through big data utilization: KSP. Mar 23, 2022 316
Music Trend Prediction Based on Improved LSTM and Random Forest Algorithm. Liu, Xiangli Mar 22, 2022 5621
Research on the Impact and Utility of Rural Revitalization Big Data Service on Farmers Based on Integrated Technology Acceptance Model. Zhao, Shiyuan; Wang, Lin; Cai, Donghong Report Mar 20, 2022 3808
Decision Scheduling for Cloud Computing Tasks Relying on Solving Large Linear Systems of Equations. He, Jing Mar 19, 2022 7551
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Reflective Belief Design-Based Big Data Analytics with Convolution Neural Network-Metaheuristic Optimization Procedure (CNN-MOP). Sampathkumar, A.; Tesfayohani, Miretab; Shandilya, Shishir Kumar; Goyal, S. B.; Shaukat Jamal, Sajja Mar 18, 2022 7501
Supervision Strategy Analysis on Price Discrimination of E-Commerce Company in the Context of Big Data Based on Four-Party Evolutionary Game. Xiao, Meng Mar 18, 2022 12835
An English Teaching Ability Evaluation Model Based on Edge Computing. Pengju, Du Report Mar 16, 2022 5593
Predictive Analysis and Simulation of College Sports Performance Fused with Adaptive Federated Deep Learning Algorithm. Sun, Wei Mar 15, 2022 6819
Rural Road Network Planning Based on 5G and Traffic Big Data. Zhu, Minqing; Wang, Zi; Cui, Hongjun; Yao, Sheng Mar 12, 2022 4870
Big Data Analysis and Prediction System Based on Improved Convolutional Neural Network. Du, Xuegong; Cao, Xiaojun; Zhang, Rui Mar 10, 2022 4434
New Progress in Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Research Based on Big Data Processing of IOT Systems on Intelligent Production Lines. Shi, He; Cao, Guohua; Ma, Guoqing; Duan, Jingsong; Bai, Jimeng; Meng, Xiangyin Report Mar 10, 2022 6931
Optimization of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Security Protection of Big Data from Video Images. Geng, Qiang; Yan, Huifeng; Lu, Xingru Mar 8, 2022 9754
Research on the Detection Countermeasures of Telecommunication Network Fraud Based on Big Data for Killing Pigs and Plates. Li, Gang; Wen, Yong Mar 7, 2022 7675
Research on Ecoenvironmental Quality Evaluation System Based on Big Data Analysis. Li, Pingheng Mar 7, 2022 6677
Pricing Strategy of Electric Power Data Credit Product Based on Customer Value. Wang, Zhimin; Wang, Di Mar 3, 2022 4655
BRScS Approach for Resolving Heterogeneity of Data from Multiple Resources at Semantic Level. Ramzan, Muhammad Farhan; Mushtaq, Zaigham; Ali, Sikandar; Samad, Ali; Husnain, Mujtaba; Khan, Mukhta Report Mar 3, 2022 8464
A Comprehensive Review Study on: Optimized Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Breast Cancer Prediction in Big Data Context. Kirola, Madhu; Memoria, Minakshi; Dumka, Ankur; Tripathi, Amrendra; Joshi, Kapil Report Mar 1, 2022 7695
Near-Real-Time Prediction of Flood Property Insurance Claims: Big Data Has a Watershed Moment. Mar 1, 2022 1782
Big data helping us deliver innovative solutions Leadway CEO. Mar 1, 2022 434
Carbon Emission Calculation and Influencing Factor Analysis Based on Industrial Big Data in the “Double Carbon” Era. Zhang, Lu; Yan, Yan; Xu, Wei; Sun, Jun; Zhang, Yuanyuan Feb 28, 2022 6246
An Overview of Agent-Based Models for Transport Simulation and Analysis. Huang, Jiangyan; Cui, Youkai; Zhang, Lele; Tong, Weiping; Shi, Yunyang; Liu, Zhiyuan Feb 27, 2022 12147
SIU geologist uses big data to discover when oxygen entered the Earth's crust Geologist. TIM CROSBY SIU university communications Feb 25, 2022 750
Research on Discrete Dynamic System Modeling of Vocal Performance Teaching Platform Based on Big Data Environment. Gong, Xiaohui Feb 24, 2022 6283
Predicting Chronic Kidney Disease Using Hybrid Machine Learning Based on Apache Spark. Abdel-Fattah, Manal A; Othman, Nermin Abdelhakim; Goher, Nagwa Feb 23, 2022 6393
Statistical Analysis of the People Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19 in Two Different Regions. Ahmadini, Abdullah Ali H.; Elgarhy, Mohammed; Shawki, A. W.; Baaqeel, Hanan; Bazighifan, Omar Feb 23, 2022 4265
Emotional Calculation Method of Rural Tourist Based on Improved SPCA-LSTM Algorithm. Chen, Xi Feb 23, 2022 6793
Research on Piano Performance Optimization Based on Big Data and BP Neural Network Technology. Liu, Xueying Feb 22, 2022 6273
Corrigendum to “Optimization Model of Traffic Sensor Layout considering Traffic Big Data”. Sun, Xu; Bai, Zixiu; Lin, Kun; Jiao, Pengpeng; Lu, HuaPu Correction notice Feb 22, 2022 554
SIU geologist uses big data to discover when oxygen entered the Earth's crust. TIM CROSBY SIU News Service Feb 22, 2022 745
New analytics tool gives downtown Elgin small businesses access to big data. Rick West Feb 18, 2022 344
Use the metrics optimally to drive a customer-centric agenda. Feb 17, 2022 1610
Regional Economic Prediction Model Using Backpropagation Integrated with Bayesian Vector Neural Network in Big Data Analytics. Zhang, Qisong; Yan, Lei; Hu, Runbo; Li, Yingqiu; Hou, Li Feb 16, 2022 5285
Teaching Mode Based on Educational Big Data Mining and Digital Twins. Zhou, Xueyun; Wu, Xinling Feb 16, 2022 7547
Path Design and Planning and Investment and Construction Mode of Multimodal Transport Network Based on Big Data Analysis. Wang, Shuai; Fu, Shaochuan Feb 16, 2022 5829
Research on the Construction of College Football Classroom Practice Teaching System Model Based on Big Data Analysis. Zhang, Bo; Ren, Wei Feb 14, 2022 7699
Construction and Application of Music Audio Database Based on Collaborative Filtering Algorithm. Zheng, Jianfei Feb 12, 2022 5268
News and Public Opinion Multioutput IoT Intelligent Modeling and Popularity Big Data Analysis and Prediction. Yan, Hao Feb 12, 2022 6362
Smart Home Control and Management Based on Big Data Analysis. Chi, Hao; Chi, Yuyan Feb 10, 2022 8214
Numerical Analysis of Digital Twin System Modeling Methods Aided by Graph-Theoretic Combinatorial Optimization. Zhou, Sujing Feb 2, 2022 7992
Applicability of Internet of Things in Smart Farming. Phasinam, Khongdet; Kassanuk, Thanwamas; Shabaz, Mohammad Feb 2, 2022 4930
Exploring the Key Factors that Lead to Intentions to Use AI Fashion Curation Services through Big Data Analysis. Shin, Eunjung; Hwang, Ha Sung Report Feb 1, 2022 6862
Personalized Travel Route Recommendation Model of Intelligent Service Robot Using Deep Learning in Big Data Environment. Huang, Xiang Jan 29, 2022 5586
Discrete Dynamic Modeling Analysis of Engineering Management and Quality Optimization Innovation Mode Based on Big Data Intelligent Algorithm. Zhuang, Xiaowen; Wu, Chuanbao Jan 28, 2022 5292
Construction of an Intelligent Evaluation Model of Mental Health Based on Big Data. Wei, Zhang; Yan, Liang Jan 27, 2022 7799
Evaluation of Regional Ecological Efficiency and Intelligent Decision Support for Sustainable Development Based on Environmental Big Data. Shi, Lelai; Zhou, Jing; Zhou, Xingchi Jan 27, 2022 5955
“OBE” Concept for New Training Mode of Electronic Information Science and Technology Professionals under Big Data Analysis. Liang, Jifeng Jan 27, 2022 5991
Digital Twin-Based Modeling of Complex Systems for Smart Aging. Deng, Yiyi Jan 27, 2022 8690
A Big Data-Driven Approach to Analyze the Influencing Factors of Enterprise's Technological Innovation. Zhang, Qianqian Report Jan 25, 2022 7336
Research on Management Efficiency and Dynamic Relationship in Intelligent Management of Tourism Engineering Based on Industry 4.0. Hou, Tianchen Jan 22, 2022 5183
Journalists' Response and Reporting of Public Emergencies in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Lian, Shaoying; Mi, Ruoyu; Tang, Runhua Jan 22, 2022 3778
Construction of Graduate Behavior Dynamic Model Based on Dynamic Decision Tree Algorithm. Yang, Fen Jan 22, 2022 6253
Discrete Dynamic Modeling Analysis of Rural Revitalization and Ecotourism Sustainable Prediction Based on Big Data. Tang, Yao Jan 22, 2022 6159
A Dynamic Equilibrium Mechanism of Core Layer Interests in the Mobile Medical Platform Ecosystem. Shenghua, Zheng; Bader, Hakam; Jue, Chen Jan 21, 2022 10733
Evaluating the Performance of Feature Selection Methods Using Huge Big Data: A Monte Carlo Simulation Approach. Khan, Faridoon; Urooj, Amena; Khan, Saud Ahmed; Khosa, Saima K.; Muhammadullah, Sara; Almaspoor, Zah Report Jan 19, 2022 6314
Forest Ecological Diversity Change Prediction Discrete Dynamic Model. Li, Jingxia; Zhou, Aijun; Liao, Yongfeng; Zhao, Zixin; Mao, Xiaoli; Zhang, Shuoxin Jan 19, 2022 6600
BSP to come up with 'News Sentiment Index'. Jan 14, 2022 607
Big Data Precision Marketing Approach under IoT Cloud Platform Information Mining. Li, Wang Jan 12, 2022 7652
Analysis of the Correlation between Emerging Industry Development and University Students' Entrepreneurship Based on Big Data. Pan, Yufeng; Huang, Hui Jan 11, 2022 6001
Modeling and Analysis of the Impact of Big Data on the Development of Education Network. Yang, Qin Jan 11, 2022 5339
Simulation and Formation Mechanisms of Urban Landscape Design Based on Discrete Dynamic Models Driven by Big Data. Cao, Ke; Xiao, Jing; Wu, Yan Jan 10, 2022 5581
Analysis of Matching of Corpus Input and English Proficiency Based on the Big Data Neural Network Model. Li, Guangli Jan 10, 2022 5254
Construction of an Intelligent Analysis Model for Website Information Based on Big Data and Cloud Computing Technology. Chen, Ronghua; Yang, Bei Jan 7, 2022 6414
Copying and Recreation Methods of Painting Works Relying on Mobile Digital Multimedia Big Data Analysis. Xue, Li; Yang, Chuangjian Jan 6, 2022 5742
An Empirical Study on the Growth of Agricultural Green Total Factor Productivity in the Huanghuai River Economic Zone by Big Data Computing. Zhang, Yanan; Wei, Jinghong; Wang, Ying; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report Jan 6, 2022 7981
Director of big data bureau in Xi'an suspended over poor performance. Shanghai Daily Jan 6, 2022 184
Research on the Application of Deep Learning Technology Oriented to the Construction and Innovation of Smart City Image Cognition. Shi, Dan; Song, Lixin Jan 5, 2022 8379
Innovative Research on Teaching Method of Taekwondo in College Elective Courses under the Background of Big Data. Chang, Yahui; Meng, Su; Chao, Hong Jan 5, 2022 3615
An Empirical Study on the Precise Employment Situation-Oriented Analysis of Digital-Driven Talents with Big Data Analysis. Li, Lin; Tsai, Sang-Bing Jan 4, 2022 7801
Network Design Algorithm Implementation for Resilient Transportation System under Continuous Risk Perturbation with Big Data Analysis. Wang, Hongxiao; Li, Qiang; Tsai, Sang-Bing Jan 4, 2022 7379
Enhancing Interpretability of Data-Driven Fault Detection and Diagnosis Methodology with Maintainability Rules in Smart Building Management. Chew, Michael Yit Lin; Yan, Ke Jan 4, 2022 19337
Dynamic Evolution of Service Trade Network Structure and Influence Mechanism in Countries along the “Belt and Road” with Big Data Analysis. Liu, Yang; Tsai, Sang-Bing Jan 3, 2022 7931
Research on Satisfaction Evaluation Based on Tourist Big Data. Guo, Hanwen; Liu, Ziyang; Jiao, Zeyu Report Jan 1, 2022 6003
Applying Machine Translation and Language Modelling Strategies for the Recommendation Task of Micro Learning Service. Lin, Jiayin; Sun, Geng; Beydoun, Ghassan; Li, Li Report Jan 1, 2022 4164
Block Storage Optimization and Parallel Data Processing and Analysis of Product Big Data Based on the Hadoop Platform. Wang, Yajun; Cheng, Shengming; Zhang, Xinchen; Leng, Junyu; Liu, Jun Dec 31, 2021 8848
Construction of a Multimedia-Based University Ideological and Political Big Data Cloud Service Teaching Resource Sharing Model. Feng, Jian; Zhang, Weiliang; Tsai, Sang-Bing Dec 29, 2021 6997
UNWTO& ADB partner for report on Big Data & Tourism Recovery. Dec 29, 2021 561
UNWTO& ADB partner for report on Big Data & Tourism Recovery. Dec 29, 2021 561
Teaching Reform of “Work-Integrated Learning” in International Trade Practice from the Perspective of BDaaS. Zhu, Yiting Dec 23, 2021 4482
Dynamic Analysis of College Physical Education Teaching Quality Evaluation Based on Network under the Big Data. Feng, Bin Dec 23, 2021 7173
Hybrid Recommendation Scheme Based on Deep Learning. Ming, Fangpeng; Tan, Liang; Cheng, Xiaofan Report Dec 22, 2021 7283
Influence of Healthy Physical Fitness on the Teaching of Aerobics Course Based on Big Data Mining Technology. Xiao, Laipeng Dec 22, 2021 4261
The Impact of Fintech on Corporate Technology Innovation Based on Driving Effects, Mechanism Identification, and Heterogeneity Analysis. Li, Jianwei; Li, Na; Cheng, Xiang Dec 22, 2021 9086
UNWTO, ADB launch report on big data and tourism recovery. Dec 22, 2021 379
Prediction of College Employment Rate Based on Big Data Analysis. Dong, Xuhui Dec 21, 2021 6317
Remote Sensing Big Data Analysis of the Lower Yellow River Ecological Environment Based on Internet of Things. Liu, Yuntong; He, Kuan; Qin, Fen Dec 20, 2021 8051
Intelligent Tourism Personalized Recommendation Based on Multi-Fusion of Clustering Algorithms. Liang, HongYan Dec 17, 2021 5447
Music Composition and Emotion Recognition Using Big Data Technology and Neural Network Algorithm. Wang, Yu Dec 16, 2021 6324
Research on Default Prediction for Credit Card Users Based on XGBoost-LSTM Model. Gao, Jing; Sun, Wenjun; Sui, Xin Dec 16, 2021 5541
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Multidimensional Hybrid Recommendation Algorithm in Tourism Itinerary Planning under the Background of Big Data. Hao, Yange; Song, Na Dec 15, 2021 6066
Construction and Analysis of Intelligent English Teaching Model Assisted by Personalized Virtual Corpus by Big Data Analysis. Zhu, Jinxia; Zhu, Changgui; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report Dec 15, 2021 6385
Research on the Optimization Method of Visual Effect of Outdoor Interactive Advertising Assisted by New Media Technology and Big Data Analysis. Gan, Zhinan; Tsai, Sang-Bing Dec 15, 2021 7074
Construction of Smart City Street Landscape Big Data-Driven Intelligent System Based on Industry 4.0. Li, Zhe; He, YuKun; Lu, XinYi; Zhao, HengYi; Zhou, Zheng; Cao, YinYin Dec 14, 2021 6080
Impact Assessment of Big Data on Higher Education Management Based on Time-Varying Clustering Sampling Algorithm. Liu, Chen; Song, Boxuan Dec 14, 2021 4727
Research on the Impact of Regional Economy on Industrial Development from the Perspective of Big Data. Zhang, Lu; Zhao, Dong; Li, Siheng; Xiao, Han; Bu, Jianjun; White, Marvin Dec 14, 2021 5013
HCM City to compileA 'big data'A on COVID vaccinations to ensure complete coverage. Dec 13, 2021 607
Data, big data analytics vital to SMEs' digital transformation, says industry expert. Dec 10, 2021 481
Research on Virtual Reality Interactive Teaching under the Environment of Big Data. Yin, Ziyan; Tsai, Sang-Bing Dec 10, 2021 7280
Advanced Intelligent Technologies in Energy Forecasting and Economical Applications. Hong, Wei-Chiang; Niu, Dongxiao; Xu, Yinfeng; Zhang, Mengjie; Singh, Pradeep Kumar Report Dec 9, 2021 1293
Pop Music Trend and Image Analysis Based on Big Data Technology. Ren, Jinyan Dec 9, 2021 6457
Multimedia Computer-Aided Industrial System Design Based on the Study of Big Data Mining Algorithm. Zeng, Zhihao Dec 9, 2021 5444
Virtual Simulation Management of Data Traffic Optimization of Big Data Cloud Platform considering Multipoint Mapping Algorithm. Wu, Haibo Dec 9, 2021 4317
Discrete Dynamic Modeling and Change Trend Analysis of Regional Economy Based on Big Data. Chen, Yang; Yu, Yu Dec 9, 2021 5531
Abnormal Detection in Big Data Video with an Improved Autoencoder. Bian, Yihan; Tang, Xinchen Dec 8, 2021 4148
An Empirical Study on the Employment Monitoring and Early Warning Mechanism of Medical Graduates in Universities with Big Data and Complex Computing System. Wu, Haixia; Tsai, Sang-Bing Dec 8, 2021 6787
Key Technologies and Discrete Dynamic Modeling Analysis of Online Travel Planning System Based on Big Data Scenario Aware Service. Hao, Yange; Song, Na Dec 7, 2021 5436
Everything you wanted to know about big data and cryptocurrency. Dec 7, 2021 1173
Ministry to host virtual forum on big data & its benefits for SMEs. Dec 6, 2021 190
Risk Chain and Key Hazard Management for Urban Rail Transit System Operation Based on Big Data Mining. Tang, Yongsheng Dec 6, 2021 5596
Design Model of Urban Leisure Sports Public Facilities Based on Big Data and Machine Vision. Li, Wenjia; Zhang, Weitang Dec 2, 2021 8971
Analysis of Sports Injury Estimation Model Based on Mutation Fuzzy Neural Network. Wang, Dong; Yang, Jeng-Sheng Dec 1, 2021 5787
Study on a New Method of Link-Based Link Prediction in the Context of Big Data. Jicheng, Chen; Hongchang, Chen; Hanchao, Li Dec 1, 2021 4094
Internet of Things Sensing Networks, Smart Manufacturing Big Data, and Digitized Mass Production in Sustainable Industry 4.0. Hopkins, Emily; Siekelova, Anna Dec 1, 2021 4686
Cyber-Physical Process Monitoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence-based Decision-Making Algorithms, and Sustainable Industrial Big Data in Smart Networked Factories. Higgins, Michael; Horak, Jakub Dec 1, 2021 4517
Big Data-driven Decision-Making Processes, Real-Time Advanced Analytics, and Cyber-Physical Production Networks in Industry 4.0-based Manufacturing Systems. Rogers, Sarah; Kalinova, Eva Dec 1, 2021 4624
Sustainable Industry 4.0 Wireless Networks, Smart Factory Performance, and Cognitive Automation in Cyber-Physical System-based Manufacturing. Zvarikova, Katarina; Rowland, Mary; Krulicky, Tomas Report Dec 1, 2021 4774
Internet of Things-based Decision Support Systems, Industrial Big Data Analytics, and Autonomous Production Processes in Sustainable Smart Manufacturing. Smith, Alison; Machova, Veronika Report Dec 1, 2021 4627
Robotic Wireless Sensor Networks, Industrial Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning-assisted Smart Process Planning in Sustainable Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems. Blake, Richard; Michalkova, Lucia; Bilan, Yuriy Report Dec 1, 2021 4366
Artificial Intelligence-driven Big Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance Systems, and Internet of Thingsbased Real-Time Production Logistics in Sustainable Industry 4.0 Wireless Networks. Lawrence, Joan; Durana, Pavol Report Dec 1, 2021 4810
Big Data for Twenty-First-Century Economic Statistics. Abraham, Katharine G.; Jarmin, Ron S.; Moyer, Brian C.; Shapiro, Matthew D. Dec 1, 2021 193
Multilevel modeling of geographic variation in general practice consultations. Astell-Burt, Thomas; Navakatikyan, Michael A.; Amolda, Leonard F.; Feng, Xiaoqi Report Dec 1, 2021 8188
Five Ways for CPAs to Boost Their Technology Skills. Bishop-Monroe, Robbie; Phillips, Marlissa Dec 1, 2021 2733
Digital Semantics of Beauty Apps and Filters: Big Data-driven Facial Retouching, Aesthetic Self-Monitoring Devices, and Augmented Reality-based Body-Enhancing Technologies. Mihaila, Ramona; Braniste, Ludmila Dec 1, 2021 3757
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Big data and AI are keys to business success, according to Prudential. Nov 17, 2021 685
Xilinx Launches Accelerator Card For HPC and Big Data Workloads. Nov 17, 2021 209
Xilinx Launches Accelerator Card For HPC and Big Data Workloads. Nov 17, 2021 210
Xilinx Launches Accelerator Card For HPC and Big Data Workloads. Nov 17, 2021 198
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Pakistan Banks' Association, credit bureaus partner to streamline risk assessment to boost housing finance. Oct 27, 2021 1004
Tok Pa: DoSM's big data analysis set to improve labour market efficiency. Oct 25, 2021 426
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AI&Me programme applies AI, big data and digital technology to help reduce traffic deaths in ViA?t Nam. Oct 7, 2021 537
DATA FABRIC ARCHITECTURE. Castelluccio, Michael Oct 1, 2021 775
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Big data prospects and challenges for Pakistan. Sep 15, 2021 680
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Global Big Data and Business Analytics Spending to hit $274B in 2022, a 27% Jump in a Year. Sep 1, 2021 888
Feature Extraction of Ancient Chinese Characters Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network and Big Data Analysis. Zhang, Cheng; Liu, Xingjun Aug 31, 2021 5917
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Big data is not always the answer to digital transformation challenges -- it's what you do with the data that counts, writes MediaCom's Burt Reynolds. Aug 29, 2021 795
Start of something big Data: Center could open next year. Christopher Placek Aug 24, 2021 360
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Saudi Arabia's big data, AI industries to hit nearly $900m by 2026. Arab News Aug 19, 2021 313
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ACCOUNTING CURRICULA IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Accounting programs need to ensure that students are equipped with digital capabilities that will prepare them for leadership roles in the profession. Lundy, Baruch; Sergeant, Anne; Jiles, Loreal Cover story Aug 1, 2021 2622
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Xilinx Versal HBM Series Tackles Big Data Compute Challenges. Jul 20, 2021 167
Xilinx Versal HBM Series Tackles Big Data Compute Challenges. Jul 20, 2021 168
Xilinx Versal HBM Series Tackles Big Data Compute Challenges. Jul 20, 2021 157
Low- and middle-income countries lack access to big data analysis - here's how to fill the gap. Jul 20, 2021 864
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