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Big cat on the loose and killing our sheep; FARMERS CLAIM TO HAVE SEEN 'PUMA'.

Byline: HYWEL TREWYN Daily Post Reporter

FARMERS fear a puma is on the loose and has killed a lamb.

Dafydd and Pam Parry claim to have seen a puma in the hills around their Snowdonia home.

They have taken plaster casts of paw prints which they believe have been left by the animals and graphic photographs of sheep and badgers which they believe were killed by large cats.

Pam, of Hafod y Llyn Isaf, Beddgelert, claims to have seen "a big black Puma" with "golden eyes and a long tail, curved up" sitting on rocks watching her feeding her horses.

A BBC Radio Wales crew have now followed up the Parrys' claims, which were first covered by the Daily Post in 2011.

They will feature in a documentary called The Unexplainers, led by John Rutledge, also know as Eggsy from Newport rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain.

Producer Rhys Waters said: "We were looking at the big cat rumours in the area, and the night we did a stakeout a lamb was killed by an unknown predator."

Rhys produced images taken roughly an hour after the kill happened. He said: "The farmer was checking the flock early in the morning on April 22 when he found it. He believed that his 4X4 must have disturbed the animal in the middle of eating as the internal organs are all present.

"The farm owners are adamant that a puma has been visiting the woods around their farm for years, and they have seen badgers killed and totally filleted by a mystery animal on a regular basis. Also they hear strange calls and noises that don't sound like native animals.

"We are completely shocked that this happened during our stay at the farm. We had laid down offal and used audio to listen but didn't record anything."

Pam said: "We have put the lamb in the freezer so that the puma's DNA can be tested."

Pam believes the puma has two cubs. She said: "I have had close contact with her. I have got ducks here but she doesn't attack them."

Police wildlife officer Rob Taylor said: "There have been speculative reports over the years of a puma killing sheep but nobody has shown any evidence with a photograph. One sheep was taken for post mortem but it had died of natural causes."

The Unexplainers is on Radio Wales on May 30.

SHEEP are being attacked and savaged by dogs nine times a month across North Wales.

Police are relying on specially collated data to tackle the growing problem, with the force's Rural Crime Team now gather daily statistics to show the horrific extent of dog attacks.

i Figures show that in the last 12 months there were 108 incidents recorded, with the majority involving more than one sheep. The county with the highest number was Gwynedd with 27, nearly three times that of Wrexham with 10. In one devastating incident more than 30 sheep were attacked by a rottweiler in Buckley. Last November Flintshire farmer Idris Roberts told the Daily Post of his horror after discovering four of his prized ewes had been savaged by a dog, suffering horrific face and neck injuries resulting in death. In January six sheep were killed and four injured in Gwespyr after a dog attack.

Sgt Rob Taylor said the force has a "zero tolerance approach" to the problem.

He said: "We needed to decide what the real issues are with rural crime and achieved this by recording accurate daily statistics for all manner of incidents. This has led to significant drops in all rural incidents, including sheep attacks.

"We have found that the only answer with such attacks is to take a zero tolerance approach with irresponsible dog owners.

This has led to court cases and heavy fines. A dog owner recently lost an appeal against an order for both her dogs to be destroyed following a particular nasty incident Flintshire."

PC Allen added: "It's sad when dogs have to be destroyed through a court order, but we have found that once a dog attacks sheep it will attack again if given the chance."

The Rural Crime Team was established in 2013 and is only one of a handful of dedicated teams in the UK.


The radio crew |with a lamb which a farmer claims was killed by a puma
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:May 19, 2015
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