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Big Words for Little People/Parole Grande Per Persone Piccole.

BIG WORDS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE/Parole Grande Per Persone Piccole (2002; $12.95) National Gallery of Australia, distributed by the University of Washington Press, P.O. Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145.

This is a small-sized book (6" x 6"). It contains no text except a brief description of the artworks included: title of the work, name of the artist, medium used, date of the work, and its ownership (mostly private collections). The book is designed for pre-school and primary-level students, with paintings of specific subjects: cows, cabbage, baby, goat, pumpkins, etc., with the subject matter identified in English and Italian. Most of the works depicted are by 17th-and 18th-century Italian artists: Marco Ricci, Guido Reni, Jacopo Bassano, Giovanni Paolo Panini, mad others. Overall, this is a book that would have limited utility in art classes, but it might prove useful for young students learning Italian. It helps to understand the differences in language when referring to the same image.--J.J.H. For information about this publication, circle No. 386 on the Reader Service Card.
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Author:Hausman, Jerome J.
Publication:Arts & Activities
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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