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Big Two came out on top on night of squabbling; UNDECIDED.

JOHN BRADY, 24 Sturgeon was quite strong and composed - Murphy was as well.

There was a lot of squabbling between Sturgeon and Murphy but she was the most articulate. She was very clear on what the SNP can offer.

CHRIS MCQUADE, 22 It felt like I was being fed the same old lines.

I wanted more from each leader about their policies but it turned into the Sturgeon and Murphy show.

Sturgeon was strong but Murphy came out on top overall.

HANIYYAH IQBAL, 20 There was too much point-scoring between Sturgeon and Murphy.

It wasn't as strong as the other debates. Murphy answered well and kept on top of Sturgeon. Rennie was better and had more to say than before.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 4, 2015
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