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Big Pharma's push to drug children: the last marketing frontier.

from The Epoch Times, Southern California Edition. January 24-30, '08

It has long been evident that "Big Pharma' has saturated their primary marketplace with their dangerous and toxic drugs. They have drugged adults, seniors, people with supposed psychological disorders--and now the only way to increase their sales share is to take business away from another drug company or to find a new disease not served by current medicines, not an easy task when all the other manufacturers are trying to do the same thing. Now, however, the marketing geniuses at the pharmaceutical companies have found a huge, lucrative new and relatively untapped market: children.

The headline (title of this article) was taken directly from the January 24-30, 2008 edition of The Epoch Times: Southern California Edition. a weekly newspaper. The store covers an interview between Martha Rosenberg of the staff of the Evanston Round Table and Dr. David Healy, professor in the North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine, Cardiff University in Bangor, Wales, U.K.

Martha Rosenberg asked the Professor, "in your medical journal articles, you have suggested a profit motive for the doctors and academics who promote psychiatric "diseases du jour" such as panic disorders and social anxiety" [The paper referred to is Pediatric Bipolar Disorder. an Object of Study in the Creation of an Illness" also of the Department of Psychological Medicine at Cardiff University in Bangor. "Bipolar Disorder" is described as a psychological disorder with strong variation in the subject between severe depression and unusual 'highs'.]

Dr. Healy replied that the condition is usually reported by third parties without consideration of the child's influences at school or at home. In the 'old days,' these were readily tolerated, especially by grandparents. The doctor further states that we are presently so oriented toward testing norms and rating scales that deviations are 'medicalized' and assumed to be pathological! The older generation usually had a more accepting perspective and correctly ascribed highly active behavior as a common childhood activity. Dr. Healy also said, "it is not a coincidence that pharmaceutical companies consider grandparents a barrier to getting children on psychoactive drugs."

It is also probably not a coincidence that in the majority of the all-too-frequent cases of children taking guns to school and murdering their classmates and/or teachers, the shooters were on psychoactive drugs, whose predictable side effects (according to the Merck Manual) are "violent psychotic episodes"! Dr. Healy continues: "Pediatric bipolar disorder is now so entrenched as a catch-all diagnosis, it is cited by women who say the baby kicked too much in utero ..."

Naturally no mention is made of the research that has clearly linked hyperactivity and depression to faulty nutrition! Nor is it mentioned that many very young children, under six years of age, are placed on psychiatric drugs that have not been tested on children of that age range.

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