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Big Mac Attack.

Farmers in Europe say they are victims of U.S. food imperialism. The bad guy? Ronald McDonald, as well as other U.S. fast-food chains. In France, angry farmers dumped fruit and vegetables on McDonald's outlets, including the one above, in Southern France.

French farmer Jose Bove, one of a group of protesters who ransacked a McDonald's in Millau, France, is being hailed as the Robin Hood of French agriculture. "I'm a hostage to global commercialization," says Bove from his jail cell in Montpellier.

The trans-Atlantic food fight broke out when Europe refused to import hormone-fed U.S. beef because of health concerns. The U.S. retaliated by slapping stiff tariffs on cheese, a major French export.


Number of countries with McDonald's

1966: 1 1976: 21 1986: 45 1998: 110 1999: 116
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