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Big Mac & pounds 10,000 to take away; Strange but true Bizarre stories from around the world.


BELGIAN Marco Parra- Martinez got an extra large order from his McDonald's drive-in restaurant in Waterloo.

In the bag with his burger was an envelope containing pounds 10,000.

Parra-Martinez said: "My parents taught me to be honest at all times." And he returned the envelope to the restaurant.

McDonald's said the cash was restaurant takings that had been put next to the order.

Balls of ire

ECUADOREAN referee Daniel Salazar has been suspended for three games for allowing a goal to stand during the derby between LDU and Deportivo Quito when there were two balls in play. The 89th-minute goal allowed LDU to claim a 2-1 win over their arch-rivals.

Food of love

BAKER Valentyn Shtefano from Uzhhorod, Ukraine, surprised his fiancAe when he told her he was making her wedding dress out of 1500 cream puffs. It took him two months. Bride Viktoriya said: "After a couple of hours, I didn't even want to take it off."

All bets off

ISRAEL'S first official horse-racing stadium has opened. But you can't bet on the result of any race, as most forms of gambling are illegal in the Jewish state.

Fruit and nut

GRANDMOTHER Lucille Greene, of Delaware, mails fruit cakes as Christmas gifts but now the 88-year-old is suing the US postal service for emotional distress after a postal worker accused her of being a terrorist. But Lucille hasn't given up on fruit cakes as presents. She said: "My lawyer got a couple this year."


CAMELS donated to Peru by Morocco's King Mohammed are dying after being fed a 'healthy' type of Peruvian lettuce. King Mohammed donated the camels to Peru in 2003 to boost bilateral diplomatic and trade ties.


A PIG named Pork Chop is winning by a snout against rival Ham Bone round an important bend at the annual Pig Races in Melbourne, Australia. If horses and dogs can do it, pigs can fly, too.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 15, 2006
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