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Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book.

Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book

Larry McCabe

Red Dog Music Books

PO Box 13341, Roanoke, VA 24033

9781934777145, $19.95,

The making of music is a benefit for both the musician and the audience. But before that can happen, aspiring musicians must learn the fundamentals of their instruments and gain a degree of expertise in their use. The fiddle has been a popular instrument through American frontier history and has the additional benefit of players being able to learn its use without formal training if they have a modicum of basic instruction. In "Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book", author and veteran music educator Larry McCabe draws upon his more than 30 years of experience and expertise to create a thoroughly 'user friendly' beginner's instruction manual that will enable anyone to learn how to paly traditional fiddle styles. Enhanced with an accompany CD and fully illustrated, the "Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book" includes notes and tablature. Beginners would also be able to 'play by ear' using the tablature (a number system) with each tune also being scored in standard notation for note readers. Also included is a helpful guide to fundamental, a varied selection of popular tunes, as well as chord symbols for accompaniment. The CD features all of the tunes in the book, played at a moderate speed with guitar accompaniment, and are a perfect way to hone and practice newly acquired skills. "Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book" is an ideal do-it-yourself at home instructional guide, and would make a welcome addition to school and community library Music Instruction reference collections.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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