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Big Fish, Big Pond: Individuals Shine at Summer Conference Awards.

As the Appraisal Institute becomes the association of record for the appraisal industry, so too have many of its members taken the lead in becoming influential voices in the profession. They were recognized for their efforts at June's Summer Conference in Minneapolis, Minn.

President's Choice

President's Awards were garnered by five members for their efforts in various areas from technology to education to international relations. George M. Chapman, MAI, SRA, of Louisville, Ky., and Roscoe W. Shiplett, MAI, of Charlotte, N.C., received the award for their work on developing the commercial data standards. The standards, which contain 13 major property types and 142 subtypes, form the foundation for the Appraisal Institute Commercial Database and Appraisal Management System. Both Chapman and Shiplett currently serve on the Commercial Appraisal Database Standards Committee while Chapman also serves on the Membership Development and Retention Committee and represents the Appraisal Institute on the Board of Directors for the Center for Advanced Property Economics. Shiplett also serves on the Long Range Planning and Instructor Committees.

Frank J. Lucco, SPA, of Houston, Tex., was recognized for his work on the Residential White Paper and its subsequent presentation, which gave perspective to the future of the residential appraiser. The presentation, which Lucco fondly called "The Horror," translated the complex analysis of the White Paper into an easily understandable learning tool. Lucco currently serves on the Instructor Subcommittee.

Tae-Sung (Mike) Song, MAI, of Arcadia, Calif., received a President's Award for his international work, specifically in his capacity as the Appraisal Institute's ambassador to South Korea. Song was an integral part of the Appraisal Institute's first major foray into the international market in South Korea in 2000, through official courses and licensing agreements. For many years prior, Song has been conducting lectures and informing South Koreans on the benefits of Appraisal Institute designations, paving the way for the educational offerings during 2000, which led to 29 new associate members and 33 new affiliate members from Korea.

Joseph Vella, MAI, of San Francisco, Calif., was also honored for his international achievements, namely his involvement in the publication of the 2000 International Valuation Standards. As the Appraisal Institute's representative to the International Valuation Standards Council, Vella continues to work on the project to create a comprehensive set of international standards that will facilitate cross-border property transactions and facilitate transparency in financial reporting by 2002. Vella also currently serves on the Appraisal Standards Council.

Excelling in Print

In addition to project-oriented leadership awards, the Education Trust recognized many individuals for their contributions to a variety of appraisal-related publications. Donald P. Guarino, Jr., MAI, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, received the Swango Award for his residential article, "Valuation of Affordable Housing with Tax Credits" published in the October 2000 issue of The Appraisal Journal. The Swango award was established to improve the exchange of information among residential appraisal practitioners in their day-to-day business. Another Journal-related award, the Armstrong/Kahn Award for the most outstanding original article published, went to Bryan L. Goddard, MAI, also of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for his two-part series, "The Power of Computer Graphics for Comparative Analysis" and "Graphics Improve the Analysis of Income Data" published in the July and October 2000 issues.

The Schmutz Award for an outstanding technical manuscript went to Appraisal Institute book editor and technical writer Michael McKinley for his work on revising both the 12th edition of The Appraisal of Real Estate and Appraising Residential Properties.

'L' is for LDAC, Lum and Legislation

Diana Kurtzman Conn, MAI, of Raleigh, N.C., was named the Ted Anglyn Outstanding First-Year LDAC Participant. Conn was recognized for her contributions during each of the four roundtable discussions during the 2001 Leadership Development Advisory Council held in Washington, D.C.

One LDAC roundtable, "AQB, Certification and the Future of Your Designation," became a real-world issue for Connecticut appraisers last year. Or rather, decertification, the fight against which garnered Connecticut Chapter President Gerald V Rasmussen, MAI, SRA, of Stamford, Conn., the Lum Award. After the federal Appraisal Subcommittee found the state's real estate appraisal commission in noncompliance on a variety of issues, including its makeup and its lax enforcement program, Rasmussen coordinated the chapter's subsequent legislative involvement. The award, established in 1963, recognizes and appreciates the "furtherance of the high ideals of the profession of real estate appraising and practices," which Rasmussen exemplified by coordinating chapter representatives to participate in numerous conference calls, attend 28 meetings at the state capitol and travel to Washington, D.C., for personal meetings with U.S. Senators. These meetings not only stalled decertification, but also set in motion the funding b y Connecticut Gov. John Rowland to make the state's appraisal commission a body recognized as effective in its charge to serve the public and protect its interest.

Recognizing Education

The Kinnard Award, which acknowledges professionalism in education, went to Joseph C. Magdziarz, MAI, SPA, of Rockford, Ill., for his extensive involvement in the development of the overall educational mission of the Appraisal Institute, specifically as a development team member for Courses 410, 420, 430 and 700 as well as the Basic Income Modeling seminar. Magdziarz is currently a member of the Educational Programs Committee, which he has been intermittently since 1996, and the Instructor Subcommittee, for which he served as chair in 1999-2000.

Completing educational initiatives of their own, three members received certificates of recognition in Minneapolis for getting their Master of Science Degree in Real Estate Appraisal from the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Business. They were: Stoner Warren Klutz, III, MAI, SRA, R. Paul Perutelli, MAI, SPA, and Jack Van Poe, MAI. The program was developed by the university for appraisers wanting to earn their graduate degree in real estate appraisal while continuing their professional practice responsibilities by crediting hours earned in certain Appraisal Institute courses towards the Master's degree in real estate appraisal.
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