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Big Deals in Short.

Big Delas in Short

Company               Amount

Ultra Electronics     Not applicable
Astronautics          $ 20 million
Kaiser Electronics    Undislosed
Raytheon              Not applicable
Unidynamics           Undisclosed
Textron Systems       Not applicable
ADI                   Not applicable
BFGoodrich            Undisclosed
AMI Instruments       Undisclosed
Thales Avionics       Not applicable
Quantum3D             Undisclosed
KVH                   $ 2.7 million
DRS Technologies      $ 18.3 million
Harris                $ 11 million
Boeing                $ 436 million
Orbital               $ 70 million
Ericsson              Undisclosed
BAE Systems           $ 7 million

Company               Event

Ultra Electronics     Acoustic processor operational on Nimrod MR2
Astronautics          Supply advanced avionics for F-16s
Kaiser Electronics    Supply flat panel coh)ur displays for F-15E
Raytheon              Smart-T establishes comms with Milstar II
Unidynamics           To supply DDG helicopter hangar doors
Textron Systems       Kauai optical system tracks target during SM-3
ADI                   Establishes optronics capability
BFGoodrich            To deliver DB-110 surveillance cameras
AMI Instruments       Produce six A-10 full mission cockpit simulators
Thales Avionics       Provide stall protection & secondary controls for
Quantum3D             Implement visual systems for CH-60/S-92 Simulators
KVH                   Integrate Tacnav-II with Giat's Sit-VI
DRS Technologies      Produce Gen-2 flir assemblies & coolers for
Harris                Completed first delivery of Falcon IIs for TACP
Boeing                Modernise 80 CF-18 navigation & communications
Orbital               Sell Magellan GPS subsidiary
Ericsson              Supply Mini-Link microwave solution
BAE Systems           Upgrade countermeasures on helicopters

Company                           From Whom

Ultra Electronics           Royal Air Force
Astronautics                Lockheed Martin
Kaiser Electronics                   Boeing
Raytheon                        US Military
Unidynamics                 Bath Iron Works
Textron Systems                     US Navy
ADI                               Australia
BFGoodrich                            Japan
AMI Instruments             Lockheed Martin
Thales Avionics                  Bombardier
Quantum3D                          Sikorsky
KVH                                    Giat
DRS Technologies                   Raytheon
Harris                         US Air Force
Boeing                               Canada
Orbital                              Thales
Ericsson                            Finland
BAE Systems           US Navy & Marine Corps
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Aug 1, 2001
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