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Big Deals in Short.

Big Deals in Short

Company                     Amount

Link Simulation             Undisclosed
Northrop Grumman            $ 23.6 million
DRS Technologies            $ 29 million
Interstate Electronics      Undisclosed
Raytheon                    $ 64.2 million
Victorinox                  Undisclosed
Atlantis Systems            Not applicable
Ultra Electronics           Undisclosed
Rheinmetall                 Undisclosed
Aienia Marconi              Undisclosed
Rockwell Collins            $ 34.7 million
Eurofighter                 DM 2.1 billion
MBDA                        Not applicable
Grintek                     Not applicable
Sikorsky                    $ 20 million
Paravant                    $14 million
DRS Technologies            $ 8.7 million
Raytheon                    $ 30 million

Company                  Event

Link Simulation          ID/IQ contract to support crew training
Northrop Grumman         To produce 78 BQM-74E aerial targets
DRS Technologies         AN/AQH-13 Acoustic Data Recorders for P-3C
Interstate Electronics   Acquire Secure Electronics product line
Raytheon                 Paveway II contract award
Victorinox               Provide 10 000 black oxidized Swiss Tools
Atlantis Systems         Had upgraded MTOGS trainer accepted
Ultra Electronics        Provide engineering support for sub Tomahawks
Rheinmetall              To form transatlantic joint-venture
Alenia Marconi           Upgrade Ramadan FAC radar
Rockwell Collins         Provide advanced EHF to Scamp terminals
Eurofighter              Awarded largest-ever air sim/training contract
MBDA                     Melded BAE Systems, Eads and Finmeccanica
Grintek                  Grintek Communications Systems opens office
Sikorsky                 Supply two S-70 Black Hawk helicopters
Paravant                 Follow-on contract for 1000 Applique+ V4
DRS Technologies         Provide LRAS3 systems for HMMWVs
Raytheon                 Provide Driver's Vision Enhancer

Company                  From Whom

Link Simulation          US Army
Northrop Grumman         US Navy
DRS Technologies         US Navy
Interstate Electronics   ATK
Raytheon                 US Navy
Victorinox               Australian Army
Atlantis Systems         Canada
Ultra Electronics        Britain
Rheinmetall              ATK
Alenia Marconi           Egypt
Rockwell Collins         US Army
Eurofighter              Partner Nations
MBDA                     MBDA
Grintek                  South Africa
Sikorsky                 Royal Thai Army
Paravant                 TRW
DRS Technologies         US Army
Raytheon                 US Marine Corps
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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