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Big Brother VI: Shell: the BIG verdict.

The house this year seems to have thrown together a scary bunch of individuals. It's made for some interesting tantrums, tears and arguments already... I'm loving it

Bookie's odds

#Kemal Shahin, 19 7/2

BEAUTIFUL boy and great clothes. He has some of the qualities Nadia did last year - marching about in heels, lots of drama, debating whether to give up smoking or lose his voice... loving your work, Kemal

# Maxwell Ward, 24 7/1

MAXWELL is very funny with his rhyming slang, although he seems very abrasive to actually live with. Forming a little boys' cohort on the sofas with Anthony and Science could make for Jungle Cats MkII

# Saskia Howard Clarke, 23 7/1

SHE reminds me of a Jersey cow with her docile manner and big eyes. I think she has a wee soft spot for Maxwell. This could make for a will they/won't they romance in this series, which I for one will love

# Anthony Hutton, 23 7/1

I CAN'T decide whether I like his brashness or not yet but there is a fundamental lack of brain cells apparent at this stage. It makes the vertically-challenged disco dancer good for jokes but not much else

# Derek Laud, 40 7/1

Absolutely brilliant. And he seems to be part of the anti-Sam coalition - the plot thickens! He is a calming influence in the house and one of my favourites. I'd like to see him in there for the long run

# Makosi Musambasi, 24 9/1

ARROGANT or right-on? A little slow or game player? Makosi's attitude certainly makes for great TV. She's gorgeous and I think this puts several of the boys' backs up as she is not one to easily flatter them

# Science The Great, 22 10/1

HE is fun, crazy and likes the sound of his own voice. He and Roberto seem to have a good bantering relationship and he is a good antedote to Craig's gossiping. Science tells it straight, in a roundabout way

# Roberto Conti, 32 10/1

WHY didn't they give us Roberto last year? Lovely man, good cook, in very healthy shape with Mediterranean temper and Italian accent. What's not to like? He says: 'I'm no Mr Perfect.' I say: 'Are you sure

# Craig Coates, 20 14/1

I'M glad Craig stayed in as the sparks have already flown between him and Sam and I think he and Vanessa will engage in some tactical voting, which should spice things up a bit.

# Vanessa Layton McIntosh, 19 16/1

HER little coven with Craig provides much amusement. However, along with Sam, Vanessa just doesn't appeal to me at all yet. For now, she is one I wouldn't mind evicting from the group

#Sam Heuston, 23 16/1

I THOUGHT Sam could be quite good fun but she's turned out to be the one I really don't like. She seems very insincere and has already provoked strong reactions. Methinks her days are numbered

# Lesley Sanderson, 19 20/1

HOW can I put this politely? It has taken a wee while to uncover any deep personality in this girl and, to be honest, I am still searching a little. And, Lesley - start pronouncing your t's, girl

#Mary O'Leary, 30 EVICTED

I WAS sorry to see Mary go, especially after her interview with Davina. She came across as a genuine and pretty insightful person. I thought Mary was, in her own words, grand. Just sort out the blusher
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 5, 2005
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