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Big Brother 6: Day 41 to 60.

DAY 41: Makosi is still unsure whether she is pregnant and is comforted by Kemal and Vanessa. Housemates scrub every inch of the house and are rewarded with beer and wine. DAY 42: Maxwell is reunited with Saskia after his eviction. Anthony, Maxwell, Craig and Eugene shave their hair off in exchange for booze. Craig admits he fancies Anthony. DAY 43: BB throws a party for survivor Science. Everyone wears Science T-shirts and eats a Science-shaped cake. Anthony swaps bran flakes for beer on the shopping list. Housemates see video messages from home.

DAY 44: Derek goes mad when Science pinches his last cigar. Eugene bores the housemates with tales of go-karting.

DAY 45: Orlaith sunbathes topless. Kemal spends all day in bed ill. BB lies to the contestants by telling them this week's nominations are optional.

DAY 46: Vanessa, Makosi, Derek, Science, Eugene and Orlaith are all up for eviction after they fail to nominate. Housemates have to take part in the BB games.

DAY 47: Vanessa and Eugene are trampolining, Orlaith and Science rehearse their synchronised swimming, Makosi and Derek practise rhythmic gymnastics, while Anthony and Craig cycle. Housemates stage a Miss World competition and Craig wins.

DAY 48: Housemates fail the sporting task because cyclists Craig and Anthony don't complete enough laps.

DAY 49: Vanessa is evicted and is greeted with boos. BB spooks housemates by scrawling 'there is a mole in the house' in lipstick on a mirror. Kemal is sure it's Makosi until Eugene digs up a mole in the garden DAY 50: Makosi breaks down after realising she is now the most hated housemate.

Anthony rows with Derek after he questions his sexuality. Anthony becomes the 2000th contestant to enter the diary room and is rewarded with a secret date with BB.

DAY 51: The housemates take part in a singing task where they have to sing all their conversations. Makosi says she wants to continue being a nurse when she leaves. DAY 52: The housemates are set a dog training school task. Makosi, Anthony, Eugene and Science dress up in furry suits and become the dogs. Derek, Craig, Orlaith and Kemal are the masters. The dogs must obey their owners and take part in daily obedience tasks.

DAY 53: Science and Orlaith are put up for the public vote. The pair have a massive row. Science is a very naughty dog and is sent to the doghouse - the loft.

DAY 54: Orlaith spends most of the day crying about how much she wants to leave. DAY 55: Housemates fail the task. Makosi cries and Derek tells her to grow up.

DAY 56: Science is evicted after the closest vote in the history of the programme. Orlaith cries after hearing people chanting her name outside.

DAY 57: The diary room is transformed into a 'box of horrors' to test housemates' fear. They are blindfolded and prodded with eerie objects and manage to win a boozy party.

DAY 58: The party goes with a bang. Orlaith snogs Craig. Anthony puts his arm round Makosi and a jealous Craig slaps him.

DAY 59: Housemates are told to nominate two people they want to stay. A little kitten is sent into the house to spread a bit of love. DAY 60: Kemal and Orlaith are put up for eviction. The housemates are set a spying task and dress up in trench coats. Kemal comes to the diary room and becomes a double agent working undercover for Big Brother


Doghouse: Science was badly behaved
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Date:Aug 14, 2005
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