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Big Brother 3: I'M ADELE'S GAY LOVER; She likes men too, says Vicky.


THIS is the woman Big Brother tease Adele Roberts shares her life with.

As her lover flirted with housemate Lee Davey, Vicky Busby, 21, said: "I have no worries about her having a fling with any of the housemates. She's not like that.

"And don't call Adele a lesbian - she hates it. I'm a lesbian, but she's bisexual."

Channel 4 picked bodybuilding DJ Adele - who lives with Vicky - from thousands of hopefuls because of her colourful past. They wanted to add more sexual tension to BB3. And, as she is flirtatious and bisexual, it appears to be working. Since entering the Big Brother house a week ago, Adele has been spotted cuddling up to housemate Lee Davey before she confessed to him that she had a lesbian girlfriend. The boys had also decided she was the most sexy woman on the show.

But Vicky, of Preston, Lancs, insisted she is not jealous of Adele's saucy behaviour. "I saw Adele with her head in Lee's lap, and how he was stroking her face," she said. "But I know Adele hates having anyone touch her face. I could see how uncomfortable she was. Her face was all scrunched up as if to say 'get off me'."'

Vicky added: "She probably would quite fancy Lee - he is good-looking. People have been saying she looks like Cathy Tyson out of Band Of Gold. But she's not like that at all. She's not hard-faced and tough - Adele's a great girl, pretty and kind."

The pair met several years ago but only started dating about 12 months ago.

Adele, 23, dropped out of her pharmacology degree at Leeds University after two years to concentrate on her music. A well-known DJ in the North of England, she regularly plays at gay nightclubs, including Speed Queen in Leeds.

One close male friend who has worked with her for years told how she is comfortable with her sexuality - and expects the same from the people around her. The friend said: "She definitely likes men as well as women. We snogged a few times and I know she was turned on. But she does love being with women. She never cared if people knew she was bisexual.

"I can remember her sitting on a sofa kissing a girl for hours in front of everyone at a club."

The daughter of a black mother and white father, Adele is close to her family. She splits her time between her mum Jackie's home in Southport and Vicky's mother's place in Preston.

Vicky, who finished an art degree last year, is fully supportive of Adele's decision to go on Big Brother.

"I wouldn't do it. I'd hate all those people watching me but Adele will take it in her stride," said Vicky. "She kept it secret from everyone apart from me and her mum until the last minute.

"I didn't really watch much of the last two series - I hated most of the housemates. But it's different when you know someone on it.

"Mind you, I hated Lynne, she's such a bitch. Now I'm glued to the TV, and I even record it when I'm out."

Vicky added: "I think she's got a good chance of winning but that means another nine weeks on Big Brother - and her away from home."

-THE action in the house hotted up yesterday when Spencer climbed into bed with Kate and Alison. But he soon got out after Alison lost her temper.


TEASE: Adele, above, and, right, giving Lee a Big Brother massage; LOYAL: DJ Adele's lesbian lover Vicky Busby
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 2, 2002
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