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Big Brother: Sas covers up her kiss.

BUSTY Saskia and lusty Maxwell shared an intimate snog under the privacy of a duvet.

The two lovebirds had been up until the early hours chatting and went to bed before love-struck lad Maxwell jumped into Saskia's single bed to lock lips.

The cheeky charmer pulled the duvet over their heads so the cameras could not pick it up and only the sounds of smooching could be heard.

Then Saskia ordered the randy rogue out saying: 'Go on, go to bed.'

Peeking out from the covers she added: 'Maxwell, how embarrassing.'

The pair of lovebirds then started whispering pillow talk to each other - but too quietly for their voices to be picked up.

After a while the busty beauty whispered: 'I've never had such an awkward snog in my life.'

Meanwhile, naughty nurse Makosi and bisexual Vanessa have been speculating about how their parents would react to the snogs they have shared - with boys and girls.

The duo chatted with house hunk Anthony about the various kisses which had taken place over the past five weeks.

Asking Vanessa about the night she locked lips with Lesley in a late-night lesbian romp, Makosi asked: 'That kiss Vanessa, what do you think your parents thought?'

But Vanessa said she did not think they would mind, adding: 'My mum will be watching it and laughing. She knows I mess around like that


DUVET FUMBLE: Maxwell and Saskia in bed
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 25, 2005
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