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Big 8 Colorado Style.

After harvesting an antelope in August of 2000, 43-year-old Dennis Lee Howell of Durango, Colorado, completed the "Big 8" -- taking 8 of the 10 big game species in Colorado -- as recognized by the Colorado Bowhunters Association. Dennis has bow-killed at least one bear, antelope, mountain lion, mountain goat, elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, and bighorn sheep. Dennis said the hardest animal was the bighorn sheep, and his favorite mount is his whitetail deer, which has a gross antler measurement of 155 inches. It took Dennis 10 years to take the eight species.

The only big game species in Colorado he has not taken are the Shiras moose and desert bighorn sheep. Getting a crack at those depends on the luck of the tag draw. To this date only 32 archers have taken the "Big 8," five have completed the "Big 9," and no person has completed the "Big 10." Six of his eight species make the Pope and Young record book. Dennis is proud of the fact that he has taken all of his animals on do-it-yourself hunts. Dennis encourages every bowhunter to join local and state bowhunting organizations to help preserve bowhunting for future generations.
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Author:Howell, Dennis
Date:Aug 1, 2001
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