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Biennial polymer symposium planned.

Biennial polymer symposium planned

The ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry will hold its 15th Biennial Polymer Symposium on the topic, "Advances in new materials," November 17-21 at the Pier 66 Resort and Marina in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

The program will be presented by recognized leaders in major areas of new polymeric materials, according to the sponsor. Topics will include advances in new high performance polymers, polymers for electronic applications, electrically conducting polymers, nonlinear optics, silicon- and zirconium-containing polymers, and polymers derived from biological media. The Polymer Division Award will be presented to Professor M. Szwarc at an award banquet.

The technical presentations will also be complemented by a poster session that will run during three morning sessions.

The registration fee for the meeting is $475 per participant and $200 per guest. For further information on this meeting, contact Dr. J.C. Salamone (407) 451-9260.

The technical program for the polymer symposium is as follows:

Sunday, November 18 - "Recent advances in high performance composite matrices," P.M. Hergenrother; "High performance segmented copolymers," J.E. McGrath; "The chemistry of macrocyclic oligomers," J.W. Verbicky; "Poly (enaminonitriles)," J.A. Moore; "High performance polymer blends," M. Jaffe; "New routes to polyarylether engineering thermoplastics," G.T. Kwiatkowski; and "Organo-soluble, rigid-rod and segmented, rigid-rod polyimides," F.W. Harris.

Monday, November 19 - "Chemical amplification in the design of resist materials," C.G. Willson; "Ultrathin polymer films for nanolithography," C.W. Frank; "Characterization of epoxies and polyimides for microelectronics packaging," D.S. Soane; "Polymers, surfaces and microstructures," G.N. Taylor; "Polyaniline: New chemistry, oriented films and fibers," A.G. MacDiarmid; "Emerging structure-property relationships in conductive polymers," R.L. Elsenbaumer; and "The preparation of processable conjugated polymers for the improvement of electrical and nonlinear optical properties," F. Wudl.

Tuesday, November 20 - "New materials and processing techniques for nonlinear optics," M.F. Rubner; "Polymeric materials for nonlinear optics," S.K. Tripathy; "Molecular engineering of liquid crystalline polymers," V. Percec; "Prototype nonlinear optical devices from conjugated polymers," G.L. Baker; "Conjugated polysilylenes and related materials - structure, chemistry, electronic properties and applications," J.M. Ziegler; and "How I became a polymer chemist and developed living polymers," M. Szwarc.

Wednesday, November 21 - "Biodegradable polyesters produced by bacteria," R.W. Lenz; "New polymers from artificial genes," D.A. Tirrell; "Status of new hybrid inorganic/organic network (Ceramer) materials - synthesis/structure/property behavior," G.L. Wilkes; and "Measurement of the growth and structure of zirconia polymers," K. Keefer.

Posters to be presented during this symposium will include the following: "Rigid rod molecules as liquid crystal thermosets," B. Benicewicz; "Solid state structure/properties correlation for a homologues series of mesogenic aromatic-aliphatic azomethine ether polymers," A. Biswas and K-C.H. Gardner, "Crosslinkable poly (ether ketones) which incorporate hexafluoroisopropylidene groups," P.E. Cassidy; "Recent predictions of static and dynamic properties of polymers, including first super-strong polymers," F. Dowell; "Backbone modified poly (ethylene ether carbonate) polyols and their use in polyurethane elastomers," R.F. Harris; "Rigid rod liquid crystalline thermosets," S.J. Huang; "Inorganic network polymers," P.A. Biaconi; "Novel acetylenic liquid crystalline monomers and their polymers," X. Zhang, S. Subrabanyam and A. Blumstein; "Flexible liquid crystal mainchain polymer systems for fiber spinning," C.H. Lin, J.J. Jegal and A. Blumstein; "Glass transition in mainchain nematic polymers: A calorimetric investigation," D.Y. Kim, C.B. McGowan and R.B. Blumstein; "Preparation and properties of new high performance liquid crystal polyester plastics," J.C. Morris; "Molecular motion and orientation dynamics of mainchain liquid crystalline polymers," J.R. Lyerla; "The preparation of high performance poly (amidoimides)," R.M. Ottenbrite; "The origins of strain rate effects in ultra strong PE fibers," D.C. Prevorsek; "Electrical conductivity, NMR and thermal analysis studies of ion-containing polymers," J.J. Fontanella, M.C. Wintersgill and S.G. Greenbaum; "Polymer electrolytes for solid state lithium batteries," D.A. MacArthur and G.A. Nazri; "Electrically conductive and electroactive polyheterocycle/polyelectrolyte molecular composites," J.R. Reynolds; "Characterization and modeling of ion irradiated poly (phenylene sulfide)," K.F. Schoch, Jr.; "Novel designs for piezoelectric polymers containing multiorgano-substituted small rings," A.P. Padias and H.K. Hall; "Annealing and doping effects on the remanent polarization and piezoelectric properties of poly (vinylidene fluoride) and old nylons," J.I. Scheinbeim; "Third order nonlinearities of transition metal polynes," S. Guha, P. Porter, K. Kang and C.C. Frazier; "Second harmonic generation in benzophenone and chalcone derivative crystals," P. Cockerham, S. Guha and C.C. Frazier; "Synthesis and characterization of functionalized polyethylene interfaces," D. Bergbreiter; "Viscosity and shear behavior of polymer association complexes in fresh water and saline media," J.K. Borchardt; "Polyrotaxanes: Novel polymeric materials based on supramolecular organization," H.W. Gibson; "Delocalized carbanion initiators: Controlled routes towards catenated polymers," B. Gordon, III; "Polyboranes, synthesis and its applications in functional polyolefins," T.C. Chung; "Crosslinking of PMMA of elastomers block copolymers with the participation of PMMA stereocomplexes," T.E. Hogen-Esch, J.A. Mason and B.J. Ladd; "Reactivity and anionic polymerization of sterically hindered isopropenyl t-butyl ketone," H. Ito; "Copolymerization of trisubstituted ethylenes with some vinyloxy monomers," G.B. Kharas; "Designed monolayer and multilayer forming phthalocyanine oligomers as gas sensors," J.B. Lando, M. Kenney, W. Ko, H. Wang and T. Clark; "Monte Carlo simulation of polymer/additive interactions," J.P. Puglia; "Heteroarm star polymers," R.P. Quirk; "Materials from isocyanate functionalized siloxanes," J. Smid; "From glasses to liquid crystals to crystals through molecular engineering of polymers," S.I. Stupp; "Synthesis and properties of starbranched nylon-6," J.M. Warakomski; "New materials by group transfer polymerization," O.W. Webster; "Synthesis and properties of novel silicones," G.E. Wnek; "Synthesis and solution properties of linear and star branched poly (c-stearyl-l-glutamates)," W.H. Daly; "Polysaccharide graft copolymers of biomedical interest," R.D. Gilbert; "Evaluation of poly (phosphoesters) or degradable biomaterials," K.W. Leong; "High purity chitosan: A new cationic biomaterial for bio applications," P.A. Sandford; "Advances materials based upon polypeptide/synthetic polymer hybrids," D.Y. Sogah; "Fibrous polymer supports and modules for blood therapy," L.F. Pelosi, J.J. Hogan, A. Kopatsis and P.T. Shannon; and "Physical and electrical characterization of polyiodide-containing polymers," Bruce J. Heyen and D.F. Shriver.
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