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"Bibliography" is a list of published works that focus on Thomas Wolfe. Some entries include a brief annotation. An asterisk (*) indicates an item that appeared before the previous issue of The Thomas Wolfe Review but that became known to us only recently. More information about many of the entries in "Bibliography" is provided in "Notes."


Gregg, William, and Perry Deane Young. Thomas Wolfe: Home Again: A Play in Two Acts. 2017. Play first performed in 2009.

Nowell, Elizabeth. Getting Tom Right: Dates in Wolfe's Life. Edited by Lucy Conniff. Thomas Wolfe Society, 2017. Thirty-seventh annual publication of the TWS; limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

* Conniff, Lucy. Introduction. 1-7.

* Nowell, Elizabeth. "Max and Liddy or How I Got a Toe-Hold in Publishing." Prologue. 9-17. Originally published in 2001.

* Stites, Clara. "At the St. Regis." Afterword. 93-106. Originally published in 2002.

* Thomas Wolfe Memorial. From Cradle to Grave: Walking in Thomas Wolfe's Shoes. 2015. Walking tour guide for Asheville sites associated with Wolfe.

* Wolfe, Thomas. El angel que nos mira. Translated by J. Ferrer Aleu, Roca Editorial de Libros, 2014. Spanish translation of Look Homeward, Angel, originally published in 1983.

*--. Of Time and the River: A Legend of Man's Hunger in His Youth. Penguin Random House, 2016. Reissue of the British edition.

* Kostova, Elizabeth. Introduction. v-x.

--. The Story of a Novel (Annotated). Edited by Bernd Brunner, 2017.


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* "W.O. Wolfe's Early Work: Stone Cutter to Master Stone Carver." 1+.

* "The Seasons of Look Homeward, Angel." 4.

The Ledger 20.2 (Fall 2017). Thomas Wolfe Memorial.

* "Which of Us Has Known His Brother? 'Luke' in Look Homeward, Angel." 1+.

* "Furniture in the Old Kentucky Home." 4.

The Thomas Wolfe Review 40.1-2 (2016). Thomas Wolfe Society.

* Adams, Heather Bell. "Wendell Berry's Peace." 91-96. Finalist, 2016 North Carolina Writers' Network Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize.

* Bentz, Joseph. "Who Are You Calling a Genius? Reconsidering the Wolfe/Perkins Relationship." 23-40.

* Bruno, Christopher P "The Whole Ugly Gorilla." Review of Genius [film], directed by Michael Grandage. 103-11.

* Clark, James W., Jr. "Beyond 'a stone, a leaf, an unfound door' in Look Homeward, Angel and O Lost." 41-52.

* Corey, Rena. "The Little Doctor." 75-82. "Belles Lettres."

* Dagenhart, Alena. "Story, Place, and Solastalgia in the Writing of Thomas Wolfe." 53-62.

* Eckard, Paula Gallant. "A Note from the Editor." 4-6.

* Flora, Joseph M. Review. of Thomas Wolfe and Lost Children in Southern Literature, by Paula Gallant Eckard. 112-15.

* Marshall, Alli. "Catching Out." 83-90. Winner, 2016 North Carolina Writers' Network Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize.

* Radavich, David. "Genre Intersections in Thomas Wolfe's 'I Have a Thing to Tell You.'" 7-22.

* Redfern, Katrin. "Love's Archive." 97-102. Finalist, 2016 North Carolina Writers' Network Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize.

* Wilson, Frank. "Thomas Wolfe and the Process of Artistic Creation." 67-74. "Belles Lettres."

* Yoder, Edwin M., Jr. "Thomas Wolfe and the Mona Lisa Effect." 63-66. "Belles Lettres."

Articles in Books

Brunner, Bernd. "Biography of Thomas Wolfe." The Story of a

Novel (Annotated), edited by Bernd, 2017.

* Moisy, Amelie. "Thomas Wolfe and the Urban Night Prowl: Walking, Modernism, and Myth." Walking and the Aesthetics of Modernity: Pedestrian Mobility in Literature and the Arts, edited by Kaus Benesch and Francois Specq, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, pp. 197-212.

Articles in Magazines, Newspapers, Other Formats

Calder, Thomas. "Tuesday History: Bringing the Old Kentucky Home to Black Mountain College." Mountain Xpress, online 3 Jan. 2017.

*--. "Tuesday History: The Hermit of Dixieland." Mountain Xpress, online 27 Dec. 2016.

*--. "Tuesday History: Thomas Wolfe and His 'Queer Talk,' 1938." Mountain Xpress, online 26 July 2016.

*--. "Tuesday History: Thomas Wolfe's Last Letter." Mountain Xpress, online 13 Sept. 2016.

*--. "Tuesday History: Thomas Wolfe v. the State of North Carolina." Mountain Xpress, online 19 July 2016.

--. "Tuesday History: 'We are born alone.'" Mountain Xpress, online 10 Oct. 2017.

* Fitts, Dudley. "Two Aspects of Telemachus." The Hound and Horn, vol. 3, no. 3, Apr.-June 1930, pp. 445-50.

Guerin, Mark. "The Genius of Thomas Wolfe." Dead Darlings: Everything Novel, online 21 Mar. 2017.

Hanlon, Michael E. "A Field in Flanders by Thomas Wolfe." Roads to the Great War, 9 Aug. 2017. Blog post about Wolfe and his UNC poem, "A Field in Flanders."

Lazendorfer, Joy. "Learn to Write from the Movies: Genius." Barrelhouse, online 13 Nov. 2017.

Moss, Bill. "Wolfe's Angel Cleaned and Repaired." Hendersonville [NC] Lightning, 30 June 2017. Web article with before and after photos of the angel statue in Oakdale Cemetery. Neufeld, Rob. "Visiting Our Past: Preserving Wolfe's Asheville

Legacy." Asheville Citizen-Times, online 7 May 2017.

--. "Visiting Our Past: Wolfe Cabin Speaks to Its Landmark Status." Asheville Citizen-Times, online 30 Apr. 2017.

Padnani, Amisha. "From Thomas Wolfe to Sid Vicious: Artists and the Chelsea Hotel." The New York Times, online 14 Feb. 2017.

Teems, David. "Write-Die-or-Go-Numb: My Literary Saints." David Teems, 29 Nov. 2017. This post in the "Writes" section of the author's website is focused on Thomas Wolfe.

Young, Perry Deane. "The Explosive Personal Drama behind Thomas Wolfe's Fiction." Asheville Citizen-Times, online 29 Sept. 2017.

With thanks to Robert G. Anthony Jr., J. Todd Bailey, Deborah A. Borland, Jan G. Hensley, Marjorie A. Kashdin, Amelie Moisy, and Aldo P. Magi.
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