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Bibliography of Tempeh and Tempeh Products.

Bibliography of Tempeh and Tempeh Products.

This is claimed to be the most comprehensive bibliography on tempeh ever published. In fact, the publishers tell us that this plastics ring-bound book contains no fewer than 1416 references running form 1815 to 1989. THe greater proportion of these contain a summary or abstract of perhaps 70 words in length. It contains thirtyseven different document types to enable one to understand the development of the subject and related products from its earliest beginnings to the present day. This bibliography also includes details of 329 commercial tempeh products and includes the product's name, weight, packaging and price, storage requirements, manufacturer's address and lists ingredients.

The text incorporates subject, country and author/company indexes. It doesn't have chapters in the accepted sense of that word but its main headings are: How to use this bibliography; Bibliography of tempeh and tempeh products with the references in chronological order; Author/company index by record numbers; Composition of this bibliography by language, document type, leading countries, states and organizations, number of abstracts and year; Bibliographies of soybeans and soyfoods available from the Soyfoods Center; History of soybeans and soyfoods-manuscript chapters presently available.
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Date:Nov 1, 1989
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