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Bibliography of Soy Proteins.


Over the years a lot of work has been put into the problem of utilizing soy proteins for human consumption. Unlike the animal population we don't take to the unrefined material too well. However, we can take this nutritious material in the form of flour in bakery products and as soy derivatives. To-date, we have seen the development of textured soy products, soya protein isolates and soya protein concentrates.

This ring-bound text lists more than two and half thousand references to work done in this important field. Many of these entries have been annotated, which makes it a lot quicker to abstract the information you require. Because of the relative complexity of the information contained within the covers, the publishers have taken pains to ensure that it can be used easily and they give guidance in how to use the information to best advantage.

The text contains indexes to allow one to search out authors, companies, subjects and even geographical areas.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
Publication:Food Trade Review
Article Type:bibliography
Date:Mar 1, 1990
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