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Bibliography and Sourcebook on Seventh-Day Adventists: 1866-1992.

Back in the middle 1800s two Christian groups became very interested in vegetarianism. The Seventh-Day Adventists in particular extolled the value of a meatless diet and began publishing recipe books on this subject. Almost a century later, in the 1960s, Adventist health professionals carried out research in this field and showed the value of such a diet and its effect on the contraction of certain major diseases. In the 1880s they were among the pioneers in introducing wheat gluten and foods based on wheat gluten. All were to be used in diabetic diets, A certain Dr Kellogg gained a patent for a meat substitute as long ago as 1907. Soon after this date the Adventists became familiar with soybeans in Australia and developed a whole range of foods from them, and formed successful companies to make them.

One way or another this particular religious group has been closely involved with developments in the field of foods containing or made from soyabeans, with vegetarianism and the use of wheat gluten. References to all their recorded work have been gathered here to provide a complete record of the documents and products in this area. Most of the references feature summaries running to 100 words or more. In fact, it features 33 document types, so say the publishers, and to overcome the problems of language, many translations have been included.

The text also includes details of 602 commercial products containing soya or wheat gluten, and often includes ingredient lists and nutritional composition.
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