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Biblio Tech Launches Information Industry Directory Portal Service.

Biblio Tech, Ltd. has announced the launch of a new directory service for the information industry. This portal is aimed at Web sites that both service the information industry and wish to add a customized directory service that categorizes company data in a target area of interest. The portal is designed to be a transparent add-on to an existing site, with a site style that can be integrated into the directory search and display.

Webmasters can tailor the selection capability so that subsections of the full directory can be offered on a product or geographical basis. "This makes the service particularly valuable where a site wants to limit the companies shown to its users--for instance, to show just the suppliers of CD-ROM networks in the U.K.," said Peter Evans, managing director of Biblio Tech.

According to the announcement, a site's user will normally just see a simple dropdown list of products and a "select" button. This then takes him or her to a special page on the Biblio Tech server where the companies are displayed in list form. Next, another link takes the user to the full display where onward links, address details, and company/product details are shown. All the pages can be "dressed" to appear in the style of the parent site so that the user doesn't realize the service is hosted by Biblio Tech.

According to the company, the portal service will make the entries in the Biblio Tech directory more valuable for companies as more sites are linked to them. These basic entries are free, but companies may pay a fee to highlight their entries and add additional details. A key Feature of the directory service is "Direct Update," through which the suppliers themselves can update their entry and maintain its currency online.

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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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