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Bible literacy crew takes cue from ID.

Thank you for your article, "The Bible Literacy Project: Chuck Stetson's Trojan Horse?" (January Church & State). The Bible and Its Influence is like Of Pandas and People. That is, it'll serve as a wedge, a way to insert Christian proselytizing into the humanities much as Of Pandas and People was designed to insert intelligent-design creationism into public school science classes.

If The Bible and Its Influence actually were an "Academic study of the Bible," as the editors claim, they would note what biblical stories were borrowed from other cultures (such as the Epic of Gilgamish as a forerunner of the biblical flood story). They would discuss compositional methods that biblical authors used, including the use of hyperbole. They would distinguish between biblical saga and academic history--as opposed to relaying improbably miracle stories in the same "The Bible says..." manner as the historical events that are being described.

Instead of this kind of analysis, Bible Literacy Project leaders say that "Since 1999 we have stated that academic teaching about the Bible should not undermine the beliefs of those who accept the Bible as sacred scripture" ( This goal is fine for Sunday School classes in places of worship. It is not acceptable in public schools where there is supposed to be a separation between church and state.

Brant Abrahamson

Brookfield, Ill.
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Author:Abrahamson, Brant
Publication:Church & State
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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