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Bianchi UM-84 Universal Military Holster.

Ready for duty with the military's recently adopted Beretta 92SB-F is Bianchi International's UM-84 Universal NATO Military Holster. This space-age design has been approved by the armed services, and final acceptance appears imminent.

Technologically, this highly ingenious design outclasses the services' present Model 1916 flap holster, that was originally designed for the horse soldiers, the way a modern supersonic fighter-bomber does Eddie Rickenbacker's Spad biplane.

This holster can be worn as a right or left-handed belt holster, in a cross-draw position (for either hand), and on a shoulder harness or hip extender. An experimental chest harness will offer a variety of additional positions. The UM-84 offers a useful balance between drawing speed and gun protection.

Pulling down the D-ring fastener releases the flap to fly open--releasing and fastening the flap are totally silent--or the flap may be removed if an open-topped carry is desired. The holster may be used with the "Quick-Lock" fastener device for wear on the standard 2-1/4-inch military web belt, or it may be worn on a narrower waistband with the ambidextrous belt slots in the special polymer reinforcing panel, which also contains a cleaning rod in a pocket on the holster's front.

The new holster looks nearly indestructible. The outer body is made of ballistic fabric (a material used in bullet-proof vests) for maximum abrasion resistance. Laminated with the ballistic fabric is a self-moulding, fabric-lined foam core that automatically conforms to the contours of any pistol left inside the holster for a day. The holster will subsequently re-mould itself to fit a larger pistol, but, once moulded, it cannot shrink itself to fit a smaller one. Its materials have been tested for functionality at temperatures ranging between -90 and +200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The UM-84-I fits most service autos with barrels up to 5 inches, including the Colt Government Model, the Beretta 92 series, Browning Hi-Power, etc., while the UM-84-II fits shorter barreled autos like the Colt Commander, the S&W 9mm autos, SIG-Sauer P-220/226 and the like. These holsters are offered in black, olive green and camouflage.

These high-tech holsters look like they will give great service well into the next century, and they ought to be a fine choice for the outdoorsman who likes to tote a heavy-caliber auto pistol afield. These holster outfits are available from your dealer at the following prices: holster and flap, $38; shoulder harness, $18; belt, $12; hip extender, $9. Add 10 percent shipping charges if ordered factory direct. Send $3 for full ordering information and their big color catalog to Bianchi International, Dept. GA, 100 Calle Cortez, Temecula, CA 92390.
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Date:Oct 1, 1985
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