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BiTMICRO's 2.5-inch E-Disk ATA/IDE Flash Disk Raises the Bar for Maximum Capacity at 75.7GB of Solid State Storage.

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FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 9, 2004

E-Disk(R) 2A66 Sustained Rates of up to 28 MB/s and 18,000 IOPS; Data Security and Several Advanced Features Aim at Military, Aerospace

and Industrial Markets' Demanding Applications

BiTMICRO(R) Networks, a pioneer in intelligent IDE / ATA, SCSI, USB, VME, Compact PCI, Firewire and Fibre Channel flash disks, introduces the new E-Disk 2A66 ATA solid-state drive (SSD), with a maximum capacity of 75.7GB at a height under 35.9mm, making it the highest density 2.5-inch SSD available in the market today. The new E-Disk ATA family of products will ship to its distribution channel in volume by the end of the first quarter of 2004.

BiTMICRO has captured the aerospace, military and industrial markets worldwide by delivering durable and reliable storage solutions critical to information management requirements. Rudy Bruce, President of BiTMICRO, comments, "Our E-Disk ATA solid state drives are the most popular choice of our aerospace, military and industrial customer base because of their versatility, reliability and outstanding performance."

"We are confident that the industry will welcome this latest addition to our IDE product line. With more than triple the previously available pure solid state disk storage capacity in a 2.5-inch form factor and an enhanced duty cycle, the E-Disk ATA series adds even more value for applications such as Command & Control Systems, High-Speed Data Recorders, Communications Systems, Ground Vehicles, Weapons Tracking Systems and Portable Computing," adds Bruce.

E-Disk UDMA66 Flash Disk Specifications

The 2A66 offers yet unparalleled advances in flash drive solid-state disk storage technology, rendering BiTMICRO's E-Disk(R) product line synonymous to high performance, reliability and durability. It is compatible with ANSI's T13/1532D (ATA/ATAPI-7) ATA specifications with support for PIO Modes 0 - 4 and UDMA Mode 0 - 4, making the 2A66 easily stand out in its class.

The E-Disk 2A66 ATA/IDE series' performance clocks in at 66 MB/s burst rate, up to 18,000 IOPS, less than 68 microseconds access time and sustained reads/writes of up to 28 MB/s and 12 MB/s, respectively.

Airborne, avionics and all other rugged and demanding applications can take full advantage of the 2A66's ability to operate at up to an altitude of 120,000 feet while functioning dependably under harsh conditions of shock (Half Sine, 50G, 11 ms; Half Sine, 1,500G, 0.5 ms), vibration (16.4 G rms) and extreme temperature (-60 degrees to +95 degrees centigrade).

Performance and security issues are also made a priority with BiTMICRO's securErase(R) feature that can obliterate all 75GB of data beyond retrieval in well under 30 seconds.

The BiTMICRO Five-Star Advantage Patented Features

FlashBus(TM) Technology is used internally by all E-Disk product lines. A four-way interleaving of data between the buffer chips and flash memory banks coupled with time-multiplexed busy signaling for the whole bus delivers unprecedented media transfer rates in the flash SSD industry.

PowerGuard(R) is an optional intelligent internal power source added on to a standard E-Disk drive. It is used to ensure that all data in the E-Disk cache is stored into flash memory without being lost or corrupted in the event of ungraceful power shutdowns. It also gives the user the option to erase all data in the E-Disk quickly and irretrievably, even without an outside power source. Erasure of data can be done manually or automatically.

securErase is a firmware utility that erases all traces of data (except wear leveling statistical data) on each block of non-volatile memory efficiently and effectively. This utility makes it possible to erase highly sensitive data from a disk, rapidly and without possibility of retrieval. BiTMICRO's securErase is fully compliant with the remanence security requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Air Force, Army and Navy.

DataSentinel(TM) reduces the risk of data loss during low voltage and brownout situations by providing low voltage detection, redundant pre-write, concurrent multiple-write and other user-programmable features for optimum performance and reliability. BiTMICRO proprietary Reed-Solomon Error Correction Code (RS ECC) provides a Data Error Rate that is 1 million times better than the industry standard.

Wear Leveling algorithms in the firmware distribute erase/write cycles evenly across all flash memory block locations. BiTMICRO's endurance verification and tests report only one correctible error encountered in a sample of 160 blocks after 15 million erase/write cycles on each block.

Advanced Reed Solomon ECC, bad block remapping, memory scrubbing, write caching and wear leveling techniques make the E-Disk ATA SSDs the most dependable solid-state drives available in the market today. It is projected that the 75 GB E-Disk write life cycle will go beyond 1,000 years when the device is subject to a continuous writing rate of 100GB/day.

For pricing and more E-Disk technology information, visit or contact BiTMICRO at 45550 Northport Loop East, Fremont, CA 94538 USA. Sales Telephone: +510-74E-DISK / +510-743-3475. Fax: +510-623-2342. E-mail:

About BiTMICRO Networks

BiTMICRO Networks (, a privately held California corporation, is the leading provider of rugged and high performance non-volatile solid-state disk, flash disk drive, and network storage and management solutions. E-Disk storage solutions are offered with SCSI, IDE/ATA, Fibre Channel, USB, Firewire, Compact PCI, VME, PMC and Ethernet interfaces in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk drive footprints, single-wide PMC, 3U and 6U board, and 19-inch rack mount configurations scalable up to several terabytes of pure solid state storage.

E-Disk SAN StorView is a web-based SAN storage management software. E-Disk SafeCapacity-Hotfile software complements E-Disk storage solutions by effectively managing different types of disk subsystems and increasing complex data sets such that a constant high level of file system I/O performance is maintained.

E-Disk, BiTMICRO Networks(R), BiTMICRO, securErase, DataSentinel and FlashBus are registered trademarks or trademarks of BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. Other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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Date:Mar 9, 2004
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