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Bhikkhunis in India.

Unlike Sri Lanka where there are chronicles recording the activities of both bhikkhus and bhikkhunis, it is more difficult to find references to bhikhunis in India. However the existing references to proof the existence of bhikkhunis after the time of the Buddha can still be found from archaeological findings that is preserved in stone inscriptions.

References to bhikkhunis in India can be found from archaeological findings, i.e.stone inscription found in Bodh Gaya mentioned Kuranci bhikkhuni, former queen of King Indramitra who became an arahat. (Gaya and Buddhagaya by B,M.Barua,vol.2,p.67)

Inscription from Sanchi metioned Avisina bhikkhuni who was well versed in the Sutta and received the title "sutatigini" (Outline of Early Buddhism by Dr.G.M/Shastri, p. 144)

In Junnar cave, an inscription was found with the mention of residence of bhikkhuni called bhikkhunupassaya belonging to Dhasmuttriya and Sivapalitnika.

There were also records of senior bhikkhunis with disciples, for example bhikkhunis Dhammadevaa, Mulaa, Bodhi, Asalhamitaa were disciples of Mitasiri, Gadaa and Padumaanikaa bhikkhunis. This record can be found on cave. No.22, Ganheri.

In Amaravati there were 8 inscriptions with mentioning of bhikkhunis.(Annual report on Indian Epigraphy 1919-1950, p.33)

Archaeological findings continued on up to 10 Century A.D. before the Turk Muslim invasion.
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