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Beyond the restructuring, Beyond Int'l is expanding.

"We've not restructured - we've expanded," said Chris Gunn, general manager of Beyond International's television and film distribution. "We're in the process of opening a London office, which will be headed by Aideen Leonard."

Phil Gerlach, Beyond International's former managing director, was replaced by Ian Ingram, who serves as executive chairman. He held the post as chairman.

The expansion is due to the increase in other producers' material. "We represent a number of The Discovery Channel's productions for territories outside the U.S. We also represent a number of other Australian producers. We have approximately 1,000 hours in our fairly extensive catalogue."

Gunn is the first to point out that working in Sydney is not convenient for business, because of the time difference (17 hours with Los Angeles or nine hours with France). "That's why we opened up our London office, to handle the European territories. She and her assistant will run the sales operation out of the U.K."

Beyond International's newest programming includes Invention (Disney Channel), Deep Probe, a series of underwater diving adventures, and Aerobics Aussie-Style. Gunn pointed out that Beyond 2000, their flagship program, is in its eighth year. "Ratings wise, it's as strong as it's ever been." Chances, a one hour show and what Gunn refers to as a "hot" adult drama, has been renewed for the third season.

"After 1991, I think there's only one way to go - up," stated Gunn. Things were difficult this year. There was the U.K. situation and a number of countries have had great difficulties this year, due to revenue loss or restructuring their broadcast markets. "Indications are that, obviously, the U.K. situation will be resolved. We can imagine that '92 will be certainly a more buoyant year than '91."

This company does not lots of business with many parts of Asia. "We're now beginning to break into Russia. China is starting all new opportunities for sales. Funny enough, Asia has been one of the more stable areas in the last year, in terms of constantly marketable programs."

Gunn says he's happy with the consistent run out of South America, but has one problem. "They're a little slow in paying, slower than they might be!"
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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