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Beyond the boundaries; a new structure of ambition in African American politics.


Beyond the boundaries; a new structure of ambition in African American politics.

Ed. by Georgia A. Persons.

Transaction Publishers


272 pages



National political science review; v.12


In this volume of the National Political Science Review, a publication of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists, Persons (political science, Georgia Institute of Technology) presents six articles from a symposium structured around the perceived emergence of a new dynamic in African American national electoral politics in which individual ambition operates within a core of a set of strategic variables that holds the promise of overcoming the conventional wisdom concerning a cap on the possible number of black elected officials and the level of political office to which they could ascend. He also presents ten papers exploring subjects of black politics beyond the symposium's rationale, including longitudinal analysis of the early electoral contests of Barack Obama, assessment of the post-civil rights cohort of black elected leadership, the meaning of black identity for black leaders, the effects of civic education on racial/ethnic minorities, radical critique of the reparations movement, a profile of the participants at the first meeting of black parliamentarians in Latin America, and the treatment of African American politics by introductory political science textbooks. Also included is a book review essay concerned with African American politics in third parties and urban affairs.

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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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