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Beyond the Iraq War; the promises, pitfalls and perils of external interventionism.


Beyond the Iraq War; the promises, pitfalls and perils of external interventionism.

Ed. by Michael Heazle and Iyanatul Islam.

Edward Elgar Publishing


190 pages




Using the US invasion and occupation of Iraq as the occasion to examine the "new [neoliberal] interventionism" and the justifications upon which it is based, ten papers presented by Heazle (a research fellow with the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith U., Australia) and Islam (international business, Griffith U.) explore the causes and ramifications of the US-led mission of "societal transformation through external intervention." The opening chapters describe the Iraq war as part of larger trend in which Western governments are becoming increasingly intolerant of countries that do not fit their neoliberal , democratic market norms and examine the foreign policy elite debates within the United States that the Iraq war has brought into stark relief. The next three chapters explore the dilemmas of neoliberal interventionism in practice as they have been revealed in Iraq. Two chapters then discuss the Iraq war in terms of mutual (mis)perceptions between the West and the overlapping Arab and Islamic worlds followed by a final pair of contributions discussing economic questions, in particular the "curious" global implications of Iraq's sovereign debt.

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