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Beyond the God Particle.


Beyond the God Particle

Leon Lederman and Christopher Hill

Prometheus Books


325 pages




A sequel, of sorts, to the best-selling God Particle, this book by the Nobel-prize winner Lederman in collaboration with his previous co-author Hill, a theoretical physicist of some stature in his own right, takes up where the previous book left off. Now that the Higgs Boson has been discovered, what next? And what does this discovery mean for our picture of reality, for the Standard Model of particle physics and for future investigations? In clear non-mathematical language, the authors take us on a tour of modern physics, from the origins of mass to the mystery of neutrinos, from the basics of weak interactions and how they fit within other, more familiar, forces to a trip into the world's most powerful particle accelerator. Witty, combining personal anecdote with hard science, this is both a wonderful introduction into the endlessly fascinating world of theoretical physics and a personal story of two of its most prominent practitioners' involvement in the ground-breaking discoveries attending it.

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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