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Beyond ports.


While port operations remain a core competency of the command, the support SDDC offers to DOD and the nation includes capabilities that reach beyond ports.

In instances without the infrastructure for conventional port operations, SDDC acts as the executive agent for Logistics Over the Shore, bringing port capabilities to virtually any beachhead.

SDDC also provides the capability to track shipments globally, ensuring the customer, whether a commander in Afghanistan or the Nuclear Energy Commission, knows where their shipments' location and status.



The Command Operations Center at Fort Eustis, Va., serves as the nerve center of SDDC. The transportation experts there are managing the unique logistical challenges of two wars, emergency relief efforts, the DOD shipping container inventory and more, all as the staff prepares for the move to Scott Air Force Base in May.

The command's impact on national defense even extends to the household goods and vehicle shipments of all DOD servicemembers, civilians and their families.

SDDC continues to expand its capabilities, finding solutions to the next challenges DOD and the nation will face.


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