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Beyond Kuhn: Scientific Explanation, Theory Structure, Incommensurability, and Physical Necessity.


Beyond Kuhn; scientific explanation, theory structure, incommensurability, and physical necessity.

Hung, Edwin H.-C.

Ashgate Publishing Co.


146 pages




Relativism is but one way, and not the best, to interpret Kuhn, claims Hung (philosophy, U. of Waikato, New Zealand). He explicates and develops the paradigm view of science that Thomas Kuhn loosed upon the world in 1962, not as a subjectivist and relativist view, but as a philosophy that interpret science as an objective and rational study of nature. He introduces the concept of representational spaces to describe generic theories such as the corpuscular theory and the wave theory of light, as a substitute for Kuhn's concept of paradigm, which he finds rather vague and subjective. Time will tell whether representational-spaces shift will find its way into automobile commercials.

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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