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Beyond Born-Oppenheimer: Conical Intersections and Electronic Nonadiabatic Coupling Terms.


Beyond Born-Oppenheimer; conical intersections and electronic nonadiabatic coupling terms.

Baer, Micheal.



234 pages




The Born-Oppenheimer Approximation has been fundamental in calculations in molecular spectroscopy and molecular dynamics since the early days of quantum physics. Baer, a leading authority on molecular scattering theory and electronic non-diabetic processes, addresses the well-know deficiency in conical intersections, covering the mathematics, diabetization on the topological matrix, model studies, studies of molecular systems, degeneracy points and coupling terms as poles, the molecular field, open phase and berry phase for molecular systems, and extended Born-Oppenheimer approximations. He includes problems and references with each chapter.

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Publication:SciTech Book News
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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