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Beyonce "Halo" from Halo (Sony 2008).

I can't remember if it was "Halo" or "Diva" Christopher Owens talked about incessantly--I get four letter, one-word title Beyonce songs confused--but, using context clues, I'll eat my hat if it wasn't "Halo." "Diva" is a great, stuttered pop song, but Owens would never ride for a gaudy track that says Divas getting money/ If you ain't gettin' money you got nothing for me. "Halo," on the other hand, has Baby I can see your halo/ You know you're my saving grace. A love song about gratitude: two cornerstones of a classic Girls song in one slowjamming R&B chorus. Though I don't imagine JR White hanging up his electric bass and reel-to-reel for a drum machine and stadium sound, Owens could probably write moving sap forever, like Hall and Oates for pussies.

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Author:Schnipper, Matthew
Publication:The Fader
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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