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Between Hegel and Spinoza; a volume of critical essays.


Between Hegel and Spinoza; a volume of critical essays.

Ed. by Hasana Sharp and Jason E. Smith.

Bloomsbury Academic


241 pages



Bloomsbury studies in philosophy


This volume of essays argues that the relationship between Hegel and Spinoza's thought has been greatly misunderstood going back to Hegel himself. The essays challenge a tradition of interpreting the two philosophers as diametrically opposed and, in the spirit of Pierre Macherey's Hegel or Spinoza, begin to explore reading Hegel with Spinoza. The stakes of this reunion are that "they both offer rigorous and profound alternatives to the methodological individualism of liberalism. In addition, they sketch portraits of reason that are much more context responsive and which make better sense of our embodied and historical experience." The eleven essays are organized into four sections on Spinoza's account of the individual and reading both as trans-individual thinkers, the place of Spinoza in philosophical canon and displacing Hegel's characterization, on the integral function of negativity in Spinoza's thought against the simplistic reputation he has as an exclusively "affirmative" philosopher, and on the status of Judaism in Spinoza's philosophy and in Hegel's day. The contributors are researchers and professors of philosophy, English, and politics at North American and European universities. Bloomsbury Academic is an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing.

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Date:Aug 1, 2013
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