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Between Bowhunters.


Dear Bowhunter,

Thank you for sponsoring the Youth Hunter Essay Contest and encouraging young bowhunters to reflect on our cherished sport. I felt very honored to be chosen as one of the prize winners (11th) and have already used the bow I won to help introduce new people to archery. Thanks for a great contest and magazine.

David Gillan, Garden City, KS

Dear Bowhunter,

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you gave me with the Youth Hunter Essay Contest. Everything about Black Bay Outfitters was great, and I enjoyed my whole experience. Even though I did not bring home a bear, the things I learned, saw, and experienced made it a very successful hunt. Thanks for a great contest and an even better publication!

Kip Carson, Elm Grove, LA

Dear Bowhunter,

Words can't express my appreciation for the recent father/son "hunt of a lifetime" in Canada with Black Bay Outfitters. Without Bowhunter, a trip like this would remain only a dream for many people. My son, Kip, and I really enjoyed being with Bowhunter's Advertising Manager Jeff Millar in hunting, fishing, and eating -- although we can't keep pace with him when it comes to outrunning bears! Thanks once again.

Victor Carson, Elm Grove, LA


Dear Bowhunter,

Just a short letter about your 30th anniversary edition -- it's great! You people really outdid yourselves this time. The stories, articles, and how-to segments are very well done. All your regular writers and newer contributing writers are first class. I really mean it. After I'm through reading your magazines a dozen or so times, I pass them on to other hunters and let them enjoy them also. I think I've converted a few gun hunters over to archery hunting here in PA. Keep up the great work, guys.

Jim Hirsh, Bethel Park

Dear Bowhunter,

In 1971 two great things came to life and have been getting better with every year of their existence. The first was an informative, educational bowhunting magazine...that grew with years of articles that touched on emotions, excitement, disappointments, how-to's, product reviews, and need-to-know information. A magazine that contains heart-stopping stories about the big one that didn't get away, as well as the positive outlook of the hunter when the big one did get away. Tear-jerking stories about someone's first deer, or how Bowhunter supports all sorts of prohuting groups. Even the way M. R. James explains what his office desk looks like is exciting. The only thing that upsets me about my subscription is that I didn't get one sooner. Congratulations, Bowhunter, on your past 30 years and thank you for making me a Bowhunter junkie.

Oh, the second one was ME.

Happy birthday, Bowhunter. Some good things don't have to end.

Daniel Jinks, Leesville, LA

Dear Bowhunter,

I have been an avid reader for more than 10 years. My father first started to receive Bowhunter in the early '90s and I have since continued to read this incredible magazine. I'm very excited that Chuck Adams has joined you and your team and I look forward to reading more. I'm currently deployed at Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia, and I look forward to each and every issue. Thanks again, and, "Maggie," thanks for keeping us laughing!

George Traister, USAF, via e-mail

Dear Bowhunter,

I first saw Bowhunter in a small pro shop back in '73 while I was stationed with the Navy in Williamsburg, VA. I started subscribing sometime in '74 and since then the magazine has always been a part of my life. Each cover brings back memories of a stage in my life and my growth in bowhunting. I've had several subscriptions to other outdoor magazines over the years but can't recall the names of one editor other than yours. You and the magazine have been synonymous. Your contributors have been turned into household names to those

who follow the sport. In all, a job well done. Thanks and good luck in all you do.

Hal Stried, via e-mail

Thanks for your e-mail and kind wards about Bowhunter. Because of the ongoing support of you and other loyal readers, it's always been a distinct pleasure far me to create a magazine designed to share the information and adventures only true bowhunters can understand and appreciate. Comments like yours have special meaning for me after 30 years behind the editor's desk. Rest assured the magazine remains in capable editorial hands, and faithful Bowhunter fans can look forward to many more years of first class reading. Again, thanks for taking time to write.

M. R. James, Founder/Editor Emeritus


Dear Bowhunter,

I applaud the editorial by Dwight Schuh, "Youth Movement;' in the Aug/Sept issue. The points that stick in my mind are the consistent themes: Relationships, Patience, Ambition, Respect, Ethics, Passion, and Focus. Reading between the lines, I think another equally important theme is being projected -- self-esteem. Lack of self-esteem appears to be an important element associated with troubled youth of today. Comments made by the contestants demonstrate self-esteem created by positive experiences in the field.

I look forward to our return to the USA after 8 years in Central America. Keep up the great reporting and continued efforts to keep our sport alive!

Mike Ruse, Costa Rica, Central America


Dear Bowhunter,

I would like to say Mr. Lapinski's article (Big Game Special 2001) on hunting at close range was OUTSTANDING!

Don F. Beatty, via e-mail


Dear Bowhunter,

Just a line from Bonnie Scotland to congratulate you on a great magazine. It is both entertaining and educational. Over here it is illegal to hunt with a bow. Sad, I know! But that doesn't stop me from using my bow. I may even take a trip over to the States in the hunting season. Keep up the great work over there. God Bless America.

Elden Donaldson, Franburgh, Scotland
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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