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Betting firm in row over 'sacking'.

A COVENTRY bookmaker's manager alleges he was unfairly sacked after complaining changes in his work rota stopped him taking his children to school.

Philip Bunn, of Holborn Avenue, Holbrooks, alleged he was suspended without pay by turf accountants Wilf Gilbert (Staffs) Ltd while working at one of its Coventry branches.

Mr Bunn, who had been employed by the firm since 2002, was seeking compensation for unfair dismissal against the firm at Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

He said he worked from Tuesday to Saturday each week and always had Mondays off so he could take his children to and from school while his wife worked.

But Mr Bunn said the firm proposed changes after complaining of too many managers.

One proposal was to re-deploy staff on lower pay and Mr Bunn had complained his rota was changed to unsociable hours.

The tribunal was told Mr Bunn was given a new rota including Mondays.

He said he pointed out that he did not work on Mondays because of his childcare duties. He alleged he was told "you work on Mondays now".

After alleging he was suspended without pay, Mr Bunn said he was asked to a disciplinary meeting at which he alleged he was told he was to be sacked.

The firm opposed the compensation claim for unfair dismissal and said Mr Bunn had previously been given a written warning over his conduct.

The tribunal is expected to make a decision later this year.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Aug 16, 2007
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