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Better together; The Journal.

LEX Salmond certainly knows how to press the buttons.

AThis week the First Minister's charm offensive in advance of the Scottish independence referendum reached all the way to New York.

While there he sketched out a future in which an independent Scotland could join forces with the North East to press for initiatives that would create benefits both sides of the border.

He mentioned transport in particular as an area where cooperation and concerted pressure could bring results.

And he's absolutely right. Only, there's no reason why Scotland has to be independent for it to join forces with the North East to press for action on high speed rail and A1 dualling.

We could make an even better job of it if we were all of us in the same country - Great Britain.
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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Leading articles
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Apr 12, 2014
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