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Better safety for mixers and mills.

An innovative motion-monitoring product for use with trapped-key access control systems has been designed by Castell.

The BEMF unit ensures that motor-driven equipment with a variable run-down time--typically mixers hammer mills and pellet mills--has completely stopped before access is possible. This avoids reliance on a fixed time delay, which can overcompensate run-down times for lighter loads. While an electric motor is rotating, whether powered or not, it generates an electromotive force (EMF). This is monitored by the BEMF unit. When the BEMF detects zero EMF, it releases a trapped key corresponding to a lock on the machine's guard hatch. This can then be used to gain access to the machine.

The BEMF eliminates the time wasted by fixed-delay systems, since it ensures that machine access is permitted as soon as the run-down is complete.

The unit can be connected to both AC and DC motors, as well as motors with DC braking systems and variable-speed drives. It has been designed to provide the highest level of safety when installed as part of an access control system for dangerous machinery, and is suitable for category 4 safety applications.

Installation of the BEMF is also facilitated by the fact that it can be situated at the motor's control panel.

Contact: Castell Safety International on tel: 020 8200 1200 or visit:
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Title Annotation:Castell Safety International instroduces motion monitor; plant
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Date:May 1, 2003
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