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Better pay for train staff will solve problem; viewpoint.

Dear Editor, Seventy-five services cancelled by London Midland, and things aren't getting better, so what has happened to our local railway services? It's easy for management to point the finger at shortage of staff and blame the drivers for leaving to join other companies for more pay.

There a simple way around that problem and that is to bring your wages up to a comparable rate.

But of course that is too easy for management to realise that something is wrong in the pay structure if other companies can afford to pay more, and considering London Midland gets a Centro subsidy then there is something very amiss in its costing and pay.

Yet London Midland made millions in profits, so what's going on? Its a strange analogy when railway workers have a day of action, management and the Government shout from the rooftops about how much irresponsible strikers have cost the local economy, so can London Midland tell us how much its incompetence has cost and the protracted figures to the end of December.

I'm an ex-RMT LDC rep. I was chairman of the guards at New Street and this isn't about shortages of drivers.

This is about the spare rostering system and how the links are compiled.

I also heard them blaming holidays.

This is nonsense.

The holidays are worked in a box system, where you could forward load a guard or driver and know when they would be on holiday in ten year's time.

S T Vaughan Yardley Wood
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Date:Oct 25, 2012
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