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Better multi-tip sealing and magnetic valve gates.

Introduced at the Fakuma show in Germany, a new nozzle-tip seal reportedly minimizes gate diameters and allows for clean tear-off of the molded part. The Z 10325 tips are upgrades to the MultiShot multi-tip nozzle line from Hasco America Inc., Arden, N.C. Nozzle tips are sealed by a special heat-resistant plastic called MurSeal that compensates for radial thermal expansion. The tip seal and nozzle design reportedly promote fast material and color changes.

Hasco also added a larger nozzle to its TechniShot line for molding large parts with filled plastics. The type 60 nozzle can have single or multiple tips.

Also new is Hasco's magnetic needle-valve system that reduces the number of moving parts in the valve gate for lower maintenance. For use with Hasco's TechniShot line, new Z1081 valve uses no oil or air and installs easily since no supply lines are drilled. The unit has two wire coils to move the needle forward and back. Three needle diameters (2, 2.5, and 3 mm) are offered. Tel: (828) 650-2600 * PT Direct: 452JH
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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH Tooling
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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